India offers world’s most affordable club sandwich

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ImageThe Indian capital New Delhi serves the most economically priced Club Sandwich at an average cost of Rs.494 (approximately $8.47), while Geneva has taken over from Paris as the most expensive city for the classic chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich, according to survey. A Club Sandwich in Geneva is available at an average price of Rs.1,652 ($28.34), indicates a research, results of which were released by online accommodation booking website Hotels.com.

New Delhi remained the cheapest destination to buy a club sandwich, although several other holiday favourites also appeared under the Rs.850 ($14.58) threshold, including Madrid – Rs.801 ($13.74, Rio de Janeiro – Rs.781 ($13.40) and Bangkok – Rs.640 ($10.98).”The Club Sandwich, available on hotel menus across the globe, is the perfect spending barometer, helping tourists factor into their travel plans the everyday cost of simple items such as food and drink,” said Alison Couper from Hotels.com.”The beauty of the CSI is that we are able to offer travellers a simple price comparison to show how far their money may stretch in  each country,” Couper added.

The CSI average price is calculated from the real prices paid by guests for a Club Sandwich in 30 hotels in the capital or an important tourist city of each country surveyed, across five-, four- and three-star categories. As many as 840 hotels globally were canvassed for the survey, read a statement.Now in its second year, CSI reflects not only changes in the actual price of a Club Sandwich across the globe but also the effect of currency fluctuations.Overall, the prices are falling. Geneva’s average of Rs.1,652 ($28.34) for a Club Sandwich, although higher than any other destination, is also lower than last year’s most expensive, which was Rs.1,735 ($29.76) in Paris.

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