Magnificent Maldives

A sea plane ride over Maldivian sea can be one of the most cherished travel moments for any travel enthusiast. For me it certainly was. Watching coral islands, different hues of ocean and ever-spreading resorts, hovering in the sky as if sitting on a birds wings- is an experience certainly not to be missed.


6 thoughts on “Magnificent Maldives”

  1. Beautiful..simply. seems like a place where any amateur can point a camera (whatever make, whatever specification) and shoot..the outcome will be a marvel..Not to offend the bloggers expertise in anyway!! would have been more interesting to know about the places to stay in budget, modes of travel, best time to visit, and important things to do before one leaves for this place….may the vagabond speak some more. 😀

  2. Hi, Upendra!! Looks like you are really enjoying travelling. Would have loved to come with you.

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