RailWisdom for RailYatri

RailWisdomRailways information site RailYatri has launched its crowd sourcing technology aimed at making rail travel safe and efficient. RailWisdom is a unique platform that collects the experiences of train travelers and collates it according to trains and stations to help people get accurate information about their routes and destinations.

Perhaps, there is no other medium of transport that brings forth the diversities of this vast nation as trains and with 22 million travelers everyday, it is one of the largest public transports in the world. Through RailWisdom attempt is to bring all information related to trains and stations under one roof in order to ensure that passengers can get accurate do’s and don’ts about their travel destinations and the trains they are boarding. So far, information about 1,400 stations and 400-500 trains have been put on RailWisdom. It is being expanded. RailWisdom for mobile-based platform will be launched by next month. Indian Railways has around 8,000 stations covering over a lakh kilometers of network.


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