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Diners at Tram Museum. Photo: (c)VISITBRUSSELS -E.Danhier

Diners at Tram Museum. Photo: (c)VISITBRUSSELS -E.Danhier

Since 14 May the Tram Experience has been back for even more gourmet adventures in Brussels! Building on the success of 2012, when it was the undeniable hit of Brusselicious, the Tram Experience is back and this time it’s even more tempting, delicious than before.
This year we will be turning the spotlight on Michelin-starred chefs from Brussels. In just one meal, the guests will be invited to discover dishes by two different chefs and one of our best chocolatiers or pastry chefs, in a sixhanded cooking experience.

Lionel Rigolet, proud supporter of the Tram Experience 2013
Famous chef from the mythical Comme Chez Soi, Lionel Rigolet supports the Tram Experience this year and lets us benefit from his expertise and bright advice. He will also participate to the menus proposed at the end of the year.

Diners at Tram Museum Photo: (c)VISITBRUSSELS -E.Danhier

Diners at Tram Museum Photo: (c)VISITBRUSSELS -E.Danhier

Chefs for all seasons
Brussels has no shortage of culinary stars, with a wide range of styles and influences, so it would be a shame to limit ourselves to a mere handful of chefs. Each season, a new team of Michelin-starred chefs will come onboard to create a menu.
The first chef will create the amuse-bouches and the starter, while the second will be responsible for the main course. And half-way through, so every six weeks, they will swap. Last but not least, the dessert is signed nu one of our best chocolatiers or pastry chefs.

Chefs featured from 3 September to 8 December 2013
The gastronomy of Brussels is exceptionally good and diverse. Kamo, the only Japanese restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star in Belgium, is one of its more unusual marvels. Chef Kamo Tomoyasu used to work at the mythical Tagawa in the 1990s. After a return to Japan, he came back to Brussels in 2006 to open his own restaurant. ‘Kamo’ has since then worked in his small establishment in Ixelles, making good use of his incomparable skills and attention to detail. At Kamo, everything happens on the plate! The chef’s authentic dishes combine modern touches with tradition, enabling customers to discover an exotic form of Japanese cuisine. You can be sure that eating here will be a very rewarding ‘experience’!
Giovanni Bruno has run Senzanome, a family restaurant, with his sister Nadia for around 30 years. The chef brings his unique touch to traditional Italian gastronomy and continues to win awards. Among these are a Michelin star since 2004, best Italian restaurant (in Europe) outside of Italy (2011 and 2012), and best Italian restaurant in 2012 (gourmet guides). Dining at Senzanome is always an unforgettable experience. A meal there is akin to enjoying an unusual voyage through a form of cuisine that we think we know so well, topped off by the innovative and respectful master touches of Giovanni Bruno.
Laurent Gerbaud, a very friendly chap, is not your typical chocolatier. After graduating in medieval history, he opted instead to follow in the footsteps of his baker-pastry chef grandfather, by doing a training course at CERIA. His career began in Shanghai, where he picked
up many Asian influences. Back in Brussels, he began adding unique fruit and spices to his chocolate, selecting them according to their aromatic qualities. When combined with Trinitario and Nacional cocoa beans carefully selected by Domori in Italy, these raw materials offer a subtle blend of aromas and textures, both sweet and savoury, plus flavours that are sweet, tangy, bitter and spicy. In just a few short years, Laurent Gerbaud has become one of the very best artisanal chocolate-makers in Brussels, where he plies his craft with talent, good humour and creativeness aplenty.

Diners at Tram Museum. Photo: (c)VISITBRUSSELS -E.Danhier

Diners at Tram Museum. Photo: (c)VISITBRUSSELS -E.Danhier

All of these dishes are prepared onboard by chef Denis Roberty from the catering company Les Garrigues. They are served with the matching wines and waters.

Practical details
Throughout the year, there will be eight trips on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8pm, Friday and Saturday evenings at 6.30pm and 9.30pm, and Sundays at midday. Unlike last year, on Fridays, departures will now be from the Tram Museum.
One  can book a table online via or in the VISITBRUSSELS tourist information offices. The price for three courses, amuse-bouches, champagne, wines and water is €89 per person.
A new season that starts with a fantastic offer! For any table of four booked in September, a discount of 10 € per person will be given with every online reservation mentioning the promotional code « backtoschool ».

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