Kayakers need rescue!!! in Eastern Tajikistan

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(Only indicative photo of Tajikistan)

(Only indicative photo of Tajikistan)

Cooper’s family (at the recommendation of the state department) has requested this to be posted to social media in the hopes that someone may be in the area that can provide any sort of assistance (kayaker, hiker, or anyone that has any pull locally). Understanding is that a helicopter was promised today and it didn’t happen. It’s also been promised for tomorrow, but at least one family is afraid it won’t happen.

“Can you help to send a tweet for any assistance in finding 5 kayakers (Ben Luck, Cooper Lambla, Matt Klema, Nate Klema, Charles King) in Eastern Tajikistan. Coordinates of emergency beacon are 38.83227 N, 72.860240 E

Please post to social media or share with anyone who may be in the Tajikistan region

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