Seychelles waits with its Creole

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image_84The 28th edition of the Creole Festival that will be celebrated from October 25-31, 2013 in the Seychelles is all set to go. This annual manifestation is aimed to raise the profile of all those who consider themselves a Creole, to also consolidate the Creole identity, and to showcase the achievements in the world of Creoles.

Victoria, the accepted Creole Capital of the World, does that in valorizing, and in promoting the Creole oral traditions and cultures. Anyone who is proud to be a Creole will be in Victoria, the Creole Capital of the World, for the festival this year. It is important for all those who say they are a Creole to feel proud about it and to be seen and be counted as one for the world to see. One of the main objectives of the 2013 edition of the Creole Festival is to attract mass participation in the various activities aimed at consolidating the pride of being a Creole. The Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture has programmed a weekend of popular and new outdoor activities during the first 3 days of the festival, while the academic and indoor activities will be done on weekdays.

KreolThis year all the major activities for this coming edition of the Creole Festival will be held in different venues in the center of Victoria itself. Considering the significant and rich potential values such a festival brings, the Republic of Seychelles has confirmed the participation of delegations from La Reunion, Mauritius, and the islands of Rodrigues and Martinique, all creole speaking communities.

The diversity of culture that makes the Seychellois Creole will be celebrated through the art of Creole living style through music, dance, arts, cuisine and the ‘Joie de vive’ of all Seychellois and of all proud Creoles of the world. It is confirmed that the Vice President of Mauritius, the President of the Regional Council of La Reunion, and the President of the General Council of La Reunion will all be present in Seychelles for the 2013 edition of the Creole Festival in the Creole Capital of the World.



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