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Aamby Valley cityOnce, adventure travel was the exclusive domain of daring young backpackers, this on longer is applicable. This season you can head for an adventure escapade filled with endorphin-boosting and some eye-opening extreme activities at Independent India’ s first planned hill city Aamby Valley City.

19 Degree North at Aamby Valley Cityis an ideal adventure getawaywith diverse range of fun activities, the adventure park promises an exhilarating experiences to enjoy the first-of-its-kind rides for the whole family! 19 Degree North, the epitome of adventure in Maharashtra is the place for all adventure and adrenaline junkies. If you are one of those brazen person who wants to get down and dirty, who revels in the mud and fears no twist or turns; who simply holds the handles of the bike and let’s go, 19 Degree is a must visit.At 19 degrees, they have just the thing for you: ATV biking. Saddle yourself and explore the wild woodlands of Sahayadri with the park’s Forest trail ATV biking package. The wolf packs of your friends and you can explore the uncharted path, atop a Gypsy, where experienced Marshalls take you on an exhilarating ride across the picturesque landscape at India’s largest track. How about we bring to life one of your many favorite video games? Instead of shooting at the enemy on your screen you can do it in real life in a game of paint ball contest. 19 Degree is a destination for a non-stop action and if you make it alive out of this war of paint ball raged amongst your friends, then challenge them for a race of remote control cars on the tracks.

jungle safariHow about getting harnessed in the centre of a giant plastic ball and giving in to the forces of gravity? If that sounds exhilarating then you must remember the word Zorbing for that is the name given to this sport is offered at 19 degrees. If you are looking for something out of the box then you must try the zip-line at 19 Degree.  A zip-line gives you a 360 degree view of the world, so go topsy-turvy and fall head over heels without lamentations. For those of you who like Casear believe in “vidi veni vici” Rappelling a military assault technique, the thing for you. The experience at the Sahayadri Mountains would be incomplete without rock climbing on the formidable mountains, and uneven terrain. Brave the rains with the sports bikes and make your way across the challenging landscape. Take in this breathtaking scenery while you trek in the wilderness and listen to the rhythmic music of the nature. Intriguing rides like ATV bikes, Zorbing, Paintball Shooting, Rock Climbing of upto 35 feet, Rappelling, Jungle Safari, Remote Control Car Racing and many more exciting activities at 19 Degree North are full of adrenaline and exhilarating for adventure enthusiasts.

TrekkingFor adventure enthusiasts looking for a wild time, Aamby Valley City offers a unique camping experience far removed from civilization. Amidst nature you can splurge on delectable barbeque snacks and a scrumptious meal along with delightful beverages. Wilderness Picnics can be extended to an overnight stayin the lap of nature. You can also choose to trek to the location and pitch your own tents along with a make shift Kitchen, toilets and dining areas. Fancy being a chef! Try cooking for yourself or get our chefs to make you a lavish spread in midst of nature.

You can also enjoy a grand bonfire and an entertainment night under the open starlit sky. When the night grows on you keep a vigil on your young and old folks. There’s a wide choice of survival activities during the day. For the not so adventurous, it could be just a night out with friends and family in the lap of nature, with dinner and drinks thrown in.

ATV ride at 19 Degree NorthA special treat in the monsoons is the Jungle safari tailored to help clients enjoy the gifts of the rainy season and plug in your ears the smooth flowing sound of music on waters. Explore the uncharted path, atop a Gypsy, where experienced Marshalls take you on an exhilarating ride across the picturesque Sahayadri Mountains. Speeding over winding paths, wading through flowing streams, feeling the wind in your hair and rain on your face, this is an experience that literally leaves no bone unturned. This joyride is just the beginning of a unique adventure that takes you to a point where cascading waterfalls invite you to scale its lofty heights.

So throw caution to the winds, leave all your fears, shed all your inhibitions and live like there is no tomorrow. At Aamby Valley City you don’t toe the edge of the cliff you jump off it without a second thought and spread your wings. This summer, Aamby Valley City is the apt place for the family armed with enthusiasm for adventure; extreme adventure activities are sure to satisfy your appetite for thrill.


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