Be in Rann this December

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Rann FestivalOn a full moon night, in a clear lit sky you can mistake it to be a calm sea. Such is the beauty of Rann of Kutch. One of the most unusual places to be… vivid, diverse, colourful and adventurous like no other. And it is the time to be there…

Gujarat Tourism has announced the dates for this year’s Kutch Festival – 14 December 2013 to 18 March 2014. One has to experience The Kutch at its colourful and exotic best during the Rann Utsav in Every December, Kutch, Gujarat, India. This annually organized festival offers an opportunity for visitors to attend Folk Dance, desert festival kutch, desert festival gujarat, desert festival india, Camel Safari, Live-in -Tents, Musical Moments, Visit the Centuries and many more activities.

To watch artisans at work, to shop directly from NGO’s craftspeople and village co-operatives, to see the great historical monuments in the state, and to visit places of the usual tourist trail.

For those interested in natural history, Kutch is the habitat of the endangered and Interesting wildlife species like the Indian wild ass. This district is widely reputed as a paradise for birdwatchers too. What more, Rann of Kutch is favorite also among the bikers as its topography is a huge challenge for the adventure seekers. You have to be there to feel it.

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