Gaming on cruise but not in casino

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Celebrity Cruises continues to pioneer in the world of modern technology with the launch their recent ground-breaking application-industry first mobile casino gaming solution and a user engagement medium– the interactive quiz that lets you know the ideal time for one to take a vacation. Earlier this year, the cruise-line made it easy for vacationers to speak local languages with the announcement of its new, industry-first app, “Cruise Lingo”- an interactive language and culture guide, and a customized version of the award-winning mobile app from TripLingo (“Cruise Lingo” to help travelers “Talk the Talk”) that provides travelers easy access to authentic local phrases and relevant information to enhance their destination experience.

A casino on a celebrity cruise. Photo: Celebrity cruise

A casino on a celebrity cruise. Photo: Celebrity cruise

These new initiatives by the brand mark an innovative entry of Celebrity Cruises into the world of technology to engage the tech-savvy audience. The app and game will offer the users yet another opportunity to enjoy rich entertainment in a convenient, fun way while onboard as well as enrich people otherwise, equipping their travel readiness.

The cruise line recently joined hands with Cantor Gaming to provide the cruise industry’s first complete mobile casino gaming solution offering a wide selection of casino-style games to Celebrity’s guests. This state-of-the-art technology allows guests to play outside of the action-filled casino, whether relaxing by the pool, or waiting for their partner to get ready for their night of onboard dining and drinks, and will be an excellent addition to the edgy entertainment offered onboard.

A casino like this will be there on our mobile phone now. Photo: Celebrity cruises

A casino like this will be there on our mobile phone now. Photo: Celebrity cruises

Another such engagement initiative by the brand is the launch of an intuitive quiz that tells people in how many days do they have for a vacation before they lose it. It begins with an infographic that highlights how stress takes a toll on one’s life and why they should take a vacation from stress. One is then prompted to the quiz that based on one’s hours of work, last vacation taken, stress at job etc. tells them how many days they should ideally take a vacation. Fun and intuitive, it’s a great way of letting people know the importance of de-stressing via holidaying.

All recent innovations by Celebrity Cruises are based on interesting concepts to provide knowledge as well as entertainment to the users.

  • Celebrity’s guests will be able to play the full suite of Cantor Gaming® mobile casino games on their personal smartphones and tablets by downloading the application, which is compatible with iOS and Android™ devices. The free download will be available to Celebrity customers across its shipboard wi-fi network. These games will include a selection of slots, table games and video poker, all of which will be available on the Cantor Gaming mobile gaming platform. The new technology will be installed on Celebrity’s five award-winning Solstice Class ships and four Popular, recently “Solsticized” Millennium Class ships, in the coming months.

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