Romantic overnight experience on Gornergrat

View from Gornegrat
View from Gornegrat

If Switzerland is a dream for any traveler around the world then traveling in Gornegrat Bhan can be its epitome. Indians jusst love their Swiss experience. The train to Gornergrat is the highest open air cog rail in Europe, the Kulmhotel is the highest hotel in the Swiss Alps and Gornergrat peak offers a fantastic view to the Matterhorn and 28 other snow and icee covered mountain peaks. A night at Kulmhotel Gornergrat on 3000 m, in the middle of mountain peaks and glaciers is a once in a lifetime experience. For more than 100 years the Gornergrat Bahn is climbing its way up to Gornergrat around the year.  The train crossses impressive bridges, galleries, and tunnels in the midst of idyllic forests, alpine meadows and rocky gorges. 

In order to make it easier for foreign travelers to book the special experience, Railtour Suisse is offering a new package, which is including one night on Gornergrat and one night in Zermattt. The package is the perfect option for couples that want to spend a night in an unusual and special environment without missing a good comfort level. Be it on a honeymoon, for celebrating an anniversary or to just enjoy a special experience, the night on Gornergrat will be kept in mind of travelers for years.

Kulmhotel at 3100 metres
Kulmhotel at 3100 metres

Railtour is the biggest provider of holiday packages, which include accommodation and rail transfers in Switzerland. The above mentioned package can be combined with any other Railtour package and can be booked from a big number of Tour operators and Travel Agents in India.

Optimised Timetable on Glacier Express: The panoramic train experience on Glacier Expresss has become a “must” for Indian travelers to Switzerland. In order to even better cater to the international clientale, Glacier Express has optimized its timetable, starting with the coming summer season. Newly trains will depart from Zermatt and St. Moritz at 8, 9 and 10 am and reach the final destination at 4, 5 and 6 pm. People arriving in Zermatt with the first train can even enjoy an excursion to Gornergart on the same day.



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