Brussels awaiting eagerly for Salon du Chocolat

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A chocolate sculpture. Brusselicious BXXL (c) VISITBRUSSELS/ E.Danhier

A chocolate sculpture. Brusselicious BXXL (c) VISITBRUSSELS/ E.Danhier

Day is coming closer for all the chocolate lovers. Belgium, a country of traditions, has always been the very essence of one of the great homelands of chocolate on the world stage. At a global level, Belgium is still the second highest consuming country for chocolate – 10 kg per person per year. From time immemorial chocolate has represented a remarkable love story so dear to our Low Country. To honor the tradition, along with Belgian creativity and talent, the Salon du Chocolat will take place – and this is a first! – at Tour & taxis (Shed 1) from February 7 to 9 2014, right in the heart of the European capital. Brussels is therefore very proud to be hosting the first “Salon du Chocolat” to be held on Belgian soilA wonderful occasion for bringing together and displaying in one place, the talents of our chocolate makers from all parts of the country.

Chocolate in BrusselsPraised by all chocolate lovers and market experts, the Salon du Chocolat represents an international label. With more than 20 worldwide editions each year behind it, (from Paris to New York, not forgetting Salvador da Bahia, Tokyo, Seoul, London …) only one destination was missing from its roll of honour: the capital of Europe. For this first Brussels edition, more than 80 exhibitors, mostly Belgian but also from the international scene, will display their talents over 4,000 sqm of exhibition space.

Visitors to the show, the uninitiated and those already passionate about chocolate, amateurs and professionals, will be able to find their favourite brands and craftsmen, exchange opinions with iconic figures from the profession, discover and taste new products and specialities, add to their knowledge, learn the tricks of the trade from the greatest chefs, chocolatiers and pastry chefs, and of course celebrate Belgian chocolate!

A unique meeting point to experience and share all of the magic of chocolate

At the heart of this event dedicated to chocolate, the Fair will put the spotlight on a question which has as much to do with the taste-buds as it does with existence itself: why is chocolate so magic?  From the source of the magical cocoa beans to the enchanted universe it represents today, chocolate intrigues and fascinates through its many uses and virtues.  The Salon du Chocolat in Brussels will attempt to decipher the fabulous power of this ‘magic potion’ which is so popular in the four corners of the world, through exhibitions, the famous fashion show of dresses made out of chocolate, not forgetting the creative demonstrations of chefs and chocolate-makers, and the discovery of new creations. Culinary professionals, chocolate artisans, authors, pastry-chefs… all will display their experience in order to enlighten us about the symbolic character of chocolate.



Almost sacred in its raw materials and finished products, knowing no barriers nor frontiers, no taboos, no prohibitions, chocolate is magic, it is captivating, and it holds us all in its spell. From the divine, ancestral potion of the Aztecs to the recognised medicinal and therapeutic virtues we know today, and including the immediate gourmet pleasure, chocolate never stops sowing its dose of magic across all continents.

The public will discover the delicious and chocolaty interpretations of :

  • Jean-Philippe Darcis & Lauranne de Jaegher
  • Willy Roelandts for Valentino & Victoire Verhamme
  • Maison Ducobu & Alice Topart
  • Laurent Amelot for Dupont avec un thé  & Pauline Leporati
  • François Deremiens & Paul Kaplan and Adèle Andréone
  • Chocolaterie Bruyerre & the students of Master Food Design
  • (Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels)
  • Jacques Bellanger & Gaëlle Verriest
  • Max Vauché
  • Philippe Brito & Aline Buffet.

Be there all chocolate lovers.







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