Colour and culture at Dangs Darbar

Dang Darbar to be held on 13th March 14 upto 15th March 14 honours a tradition that began in British times when the rulers and other leaders of villages got together for gathering called “Darbar”. The tradition continues today in the Dangs, a tribal dominated district in South Gujarat in India as many of the former Rajas and Naiks are still accorded status unlike the princely families whose titles and privy purses were abolished. Dang Darbar is such only annual event where this cultural heritage is preserved. Kings of village Gadhvi, Daher, Linga, Vasurna and Pimpri along with 9 Naiks and 476 Bhavbands are awarded Political Pension till date. This is a time for great festivity for 3 days at Ahwa, the district headquarter of Dangs. The exact venue of this festival is Ahwa near Saputara, but

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