Enjoy ‘Original feast’ at Culinaria

Photo: leeksandhighheels.com
Photo: leeksandhighheels.com

Culinaria is back. A gastronomical event is not to be missed After 5 successful editions, Culinaria, supported by the Brussels Capital Region, has become an internationally acclaimed event, serving haute cuisine from around the world. A true smorgasbord in the heart of Europe, Culinaria offers a unique taste of Belgian culinary talents. Each year, Culinaria has a main theme, and the cutting-edge gastronomical trends attract large crowds.

The theme for 2014 is the Original Feast. For its sixth anniversary, Culinaria will return to the essence of gastronomical delights, and revitalise this edition in a retro-libertarian, cheerful, and mischievous way. A few laughs at a grand banquet, do justice to delicious ingredients in steaming hot dishes, and an authentic, communal banquet that is worth waiting all year for. Since eating together is the best form of communication, master chefs are ready to welcome everybody to a feast just as yesteryear, with their interpretations of exquisite abundance, sauces, sweets, crisps, generosity, and conviviality.

culinaria-brussels. Photo: brusselskitchen.com
culinaria-brussels. Photo: brusselskitchen.com

From Wednesday, May 21st through Sunday May 25th, 2014, Culinaria will set up shop in Tours & Taxis, which will be beautifully decorated for the occasion. For five days, gastronomy lovers, connoisseurs, foodies, and other curious people can enjoy five-star dishes, new workshops, and delicious discoveries at Culinaria, in the theme of the ‘Original Feast’.

Each day, top Belgian chefs and young promising chefs will offer an original dish inspired by the theme. The connoisseur may select a dish by an emerging gastronomical talent and 5-star dishes. Then, he may select two dessert creations from the dessert buffet, made by famous chocolatiers and pastry chefs. In the theme of exquisite abundance, Culinaria will also offer a beautiful buffet of Swiss cheeses.

Culinaria-Brussels. Photo: brusselskitchen.com
Culinaria-Brussels. Photo: brusselskitchen.com

The connoisseurs can fulfil their heart’s desire with one of the sweet delights by Pierre Marcolini (Maison Pierre Marcolini), Marc Ducobu (Ducobu), Jean-Philippe Darcis (Darcis) and Bernard Proot (DelRey). The best and internationally acclaimed Belgian masters of cheese will also make an appearance. This year, Culinaria will shine the spotlight on the talents of the new generation. They will provide subtle and revolutionary appetizers to accompany a Leffe. Culinaria not only shines the spotlight on the best restaurants, but also on the gastronomical workshops, tableware and decor, and delicatessens.

The focus is on pure culinary discovery and experience.This year, the theme of the unique gastronomical workshops are the feast! ‘The foreign feast with San Pellegrino’: Sixe foreign Chefs from the prestigious ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ also give their interpretation of the feast.


̔The great menus of history`: The Master Chefs of Culinaria introduce the visitor to dishes that have determined Belgian and European history. ‘The Pastor`s Garden’ or the workshop with 100% vegetables: Benoit Blairvacq and Simon Beugnier make traditional dishes with vegetables and wild plants. The workshop ‘Champagne with Pommery’ provides a sparkling
atmosphere. At the Foodie square, visitors learn to taste and work with unique ingredients, with guidance from taste specialists. This year, the visitor can also taste from four different delicatessens: caviar by ‘Imperial Heritage’, foie gras by ‘Euro foie gras’, truffles by ‘L’Atelier de la truffe noir’ and the apotheosis of every feast: wine and beer, by Vinopress. In the workshop ‘Vintage Cocktail’ by Matthieu Chaumont (Chez Hortense) and the best Belgian barmen, visitors are introduced to the world of mixology.
Culinaria also organises a gourmet market, with countless scrumptious specialties and handcrafted products to enjoy at home.





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