Come for ‘Dinner in the Sky’ at Brussels

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Brussels in the SkyBrussels has become an essential part of the European gastronomic scene. With its 19 starred restaurants, Brussels has now more stars than Berlin, Rome or Milan. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how closely gastronomy is tied to Brussels’ roots. The 2014 Michelin Guide says it all.

Dinner in the SkyDinner in the Sky is definitely at the top of the list of the most surrealistic gastronomic concepts. Seven years on and not only has Dinner in the Sky acquired worldwide fame, it has also earned a solid reputation among starred chefs. Some of the most celebrated chefs such as Frédéric Anton, Alain Passard, Bjorn Franzen and Dani Garcia have actually worked in its kitchen, as well as future talents, as was recently highlighted on the Top Chef programme.

Dinner in the Sky1Although born and bred in Brussels, Belgium, Dinner in the Sky shines a bright light on over 45 countries, including Mexico, Qatar and Croatia. Dinner in the Sky wanted to share this success with its hometown and this has led to “Brussels in the Sky”, an ambitious Gastronomic Festival launched in 2013, in partnership with VisitBrussels. The idea of this Festival is to draw attention to Brussels’ starred gastronomy through seven of its best Chefs, who will interpret the gastronomic culture of a guest country. And all this will take place high in the Brussels’ sky.

Italy will be the guest of honour at this 2nd edition of “Brussels in the Sky”, from 2 to 29 June, at the Cinquantenaire. Each day, one of the 7 Chefs will prepare and serve, in person, a five-course gastronomic menu for 22 guests, during one lunch and 2 dinners in the sky of Europe’s Capital.

Dinner in the Sky2The 7 Brussels’ Starred Chefs are:

  • Yves Mattagne from the Sea Grill**
  • Lionel Rigolet from Comme chez Soi**
  • Pascal Devalkeneer from the Chalet de la Forêt**
  • David Martin from La Paix*
  • Giovanni Bruno from Senzanome*
  • Bart De Pooter from Wy*
  • Luigi Ciciriello from La Truffe Noire*

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