Belgian Pride is just ten days away!

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Belgian PrideBelgian pride open the European Gay Pride season. On the 17th of May the Pride4Every1 will once again take place in the centre of Brussels. With 80 thousand participants right in the heart of Brussels last year, this event has become a major date in Belgian’s and Brussels’ calendar. The Pride4Every1 is the apotheosis of the PrideFestival that runs from the 2nd to the 17th of May.

Bourse - BeursThe Pride4Every1 offers everyone each year a day of complete freedom to be yourself: gay, lesbian, bi, trans*, inter*, queer* and straight, and that too in the heart of Europe. Thanks to its festive, fantastic and unique atmosphere, the Pride4Every1 is an event that carries a message during which the LGBTQI-community and the entire society all speak up with the same voice to defend the values of solidarity and equality. This year, the Pride4Every1 will be taking place exactly one week before the regional, federal and European elections and will coincide with the International Day against Homophobia. This is the reason why the organisers, the Belgian Pride, opted for this year’s theme: “Choose Equality”! Belgium may well be ahead of other countries concerning the LGB-legislation, but there is still a great deal of work that has to be done in the domain of legislation for the trans* and inter*, and concerning the mentality changes.

The Pride4Every1 is made of the traditional and colourful PrideParade that crosses the city centre and that will depart at 2pm in front of the Bourse, and of the PrideVillage that will open its doors at noon and where information and pleasure go hand in hand: all the ingredients put together to make this day a day of fun. Pride4Every1 will have three official parties this year.

Belgian Pride 2012 �VISITBRUSSELS -E.DanhierThe PrideFestival has actually already began in Brussels on Friday the 2nd of May with a ceremony – that is legendary – called the Mini-Pride. After a reception in the City Hall of Brussels at 6.30pm a mini-parade was formed with the big rainbow-flag carried by the participants and the furious rhythms of the band of the Meyboom. This Mini-Pride crossed the historical centre of Brussels and passd by Manneken-Pis, who was dressed in his Pride-costume for the occasion and who served Kriek in his own particular way.

Mur Bande Dessinée BrousailleFor the last few years, VISITBRUSSELS has been keen to promote Brussels as the gay-friendly capital for 500 million Europeans. Today, thanks to its rich humanist culture and modern legislation, Brussels continues to reinforce its reputation throughout Europe. Belgium’s capital can be proud to host its nineteenth Pride. Since 2012 VISITBRUSSELS has been working with the Belgian Pride to make sure the party is even more beautiful and spectacular! They help with the logistics for the event, but also focus on providing as much security for participants as possible. VISITBRUSSELS is proud to support this now indispensable event, which more than ever, marks Brussels out as the gay capital of Europe.

Brussels’ tourism industry also does everything it can to celebrate this weekend of festivities properly. A number of major cultural institutions open up their doors with special offers, and hotels offer weekend packages and special deals.




  1. Uncle Spike says:

    So different to here. Last year, they rainbow painted some street steps in Istanbul (excellent)… of course the government panicked and painted over it within hours, lol

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Seems, many other countries including India are yet to have an understanding on LGBT rights. Traditional social setup stops them from looking ahead and being democratic..

      1. Uncle Spike says:

        Yep, it’s no longer illegal here, but for example, all men aged 18-41 have to do military service, and one exception is being gay… BUT, your official record is marked as such, so any job you apply for will know – and here that can be a hard thing to bear – no anti-descriminatory laws here, well not in practise anyway

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