Tram Experience heads for 3rd season

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

For the third season this year The Tram Experience will be moving to the partner cities of the Délice network. Délice is a sort of club bringing together good food cities of the world. Initiated by the City of Lyon a few years ago, the network is directly supported by cofounding cities such as Brussels or Barcelona. Today, Délice has about twenty members and its growth objectives rather aim new horizons and distant continents.

For this new season, Tram Experience will proceed in the same direction. Not only does season 3 stand for outstanding gourmet dining, it is also open to the world and takes you on a memorable culinary journey. On your trip, you will dive into different parts of the world, near and far, but always fascinating. All season 3 long, you will savour first-rate dishes signed by chefs from major gastronomic cities of the world or, on the contrary, by chefs whom you’ve probably never heard of, from cities of which you thought, perhaps a bit naively, that their cooking did not stretch further than nondescript but honest family dishes.

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

This year, you will have a bucket load of reasons to come back many times to discover each new team, each new city and its chefs who have done us the honour of joining us in this endeavour. With Tram Experience, expect nothing less than a unique, surprising and typically Brussels experience aboard a vintage tram with its somewhat obsolete comfort, an offbeat way to (re)discover the beauty of our city whilst enjoying the finest food Brussels has to offer.


Brussels has a long and proud gastronomic history. The servings are general, tasty and irresistible and local specialities are wolfed down with relish. Brussels is the capital of 500 million Europeans and its gastronomic cultures is largely influenced by this convergence of many diverse influences.  Most of the world’s cuisines are for that matter present in the city. The local cuisine, a subtle variation of French cooking, reflects the influence of the country’s different regions. Seafood from the coast, salted foods from the Ardennes, not to mention the many foreign influences that have gradually found their way in Brussels.

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

Brussels has two to three thousand restaurants, 40% of which serve Franco-Belgian cuisine. World cuisine consequently very well represented. There are more and more starred restaurants but also mid-range restaurants that contribute to the city’s well earned reputation. Chip stands are worthy representatives of local street food, with some thirty such establishments that have come into their won. Food trucks are also increasing in numbers and constitute a major trend these last years.

In addition to the Tram Experience, Brussels provides an entire series of gastronomic experiences that are as unique as qualitative with such events as Culinaria, Brussels in the Sky, eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux or Eatcolor.

The Tram Experience

Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier
Tram Experience Visitbrussels _ E.Danhier

Eight times a week the Tram Experience tram will be riding through Brussels on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening at 8pm, on Friday- and Saturday evening at 6.30pm and at 9.30pm and on Sunday at 12am. The place of departure will be at Place Poelaert. Only the two Friday services will be starting from the Tram Museum, Avenue de Tervuren 364, 1150 Brussels.

  • The rate is €89 (VAT included) per person, including wine and water, except for exceptional meals (for instance, during the festive season).
  • A meal served on board includes 3 appetizers and a 3-course menu (starter, main course, dessert) concocted by starred chefs. It also includes champagne, white wine, red wine, still and sparkling water. There are no other beverages on board.
  • The chefs who sign the menus are not on board.
  • The meal is put together and finalised by catering company Les Garrigues in accordance with the exact requirements of the chefs and all menus are tested and approved by a tasting committee sponsored by Lionel Rigolet before making it on board the Tram Experience.
  • Tram Experience generally proposes eight trips per week.
  • Advance booking is exclusively online by credit card or bank card or in VISITBRUSSELS’ tourist information offices.
  • Tram Experience is designed for reservation per table for 2 or 4 people. It is not possible to book for an uneven number of passengers.
  • It is possible to book the entire tram, only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • The capacity of the tram is 34 seats: 7 tables for 2, and 5 tables for 4.
  • The trip takes about 2 hours.
  • Staff on board includes one headwaiter, two waiters, one chef and his assistant… and the driver of course.
  • There is a toilet on board.

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