Photo of the day – Here lies a great king

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One of the greatest mughal kings Akbar was buried in Sikandra at Agra. He chose the place when he was alive and also the design that would be. The inner hall, where Akbar was buried is simple with plain walls and no decorations and carvings, simplest of all kings of the era. No doubt, Sikandra receives less than one-tenth of tourists what great Taj Mahal gets. Many a times, you enjoy the peace and calmness of Sikandra more relaxing then anywhere else in Agra.



  1. Wow ! Beautiful shot….:)

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Priyashi for appreciating!

  2. It was my favourite place when I lived in Agra, the Black Bucks, The obvious peacocks, The echoing walls and the inner sanctum where the tomb is placed. Its almost finding yourself back. You have clicked the serenity marvelously. For me it was the Best in Agra (have you ever visited the oldest Christian Graveyard in North India? Its beside Bhagwan Talkies, Agra. Do visit it once)

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Can’t agree more about Sikandra. You can spend hours of peace here.Black bucks were a pleasant surprise for me. Captured a lot of their shots. Well, oldest christian graveyard is a news for me, although had been around the Bhagwan Talkies area a few times. I will make sure to visit it when I go to Agra next. It often happens, in a glare of a few bright spots, we become oblivion to a lot many other beautiful things.

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