Nanda Devi Rajjaat Yatra – Pandav Dance

Famous Pandav Dance of Sutol Village in Chamoli district of Himalayan Uttarakhand. This dance is done by village artists when Nanda Devi Rajjaat Yatra reaches to village on its way back from Homkund to Nauti (It was 4th September 2014 this year). This folk dance has been played here since centuries, remembering incidents from epic Mahabharata. Whole village and returning Yatris of Rajjaat gather at village square in front of local temple at night, while artists perform one after another. Himalayan pilgrimage of Nanda Rajjaat Yatra, termed as Himalayan Kumbh, takes place in not less than 12 years. A culture well preserved in the region, mainly due to its distant location which keeps it at arms length from changes coming in the society…


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