Traditional dance of Garhwal- Jhora at Waan

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Jhora at WaanTraditional folk dance at Waan during Nanda Devi Rajjaat Yatra 2014. Last inhabitated village on Rajjaat route towards Bedini Bugyal, Waan is famous for its Latu temple. Latu is considered to be brother of Goddess Nanda Devi. Here onwards Latu leads the Yatra till Homkund.

The video here is of traditional ‘Jhora’ in Nanda Devi’s praise by men & women in traditional attire. Most special are women ornaments,  these ornaments also reflect their social status. Sung in local dialect, group of men first recite a couplet, which is repeated by the women folk. This can go on for hours, the flow of words and rhythm (steps as well) of dance keep on changing, but tempo remains the same.

Normally it is a slow paced dance. People keep on joining or moving out of the sequence as per their convenience. Men and women dance and move in a same circle formation but as two different groups. Men will never hold hands of women during the dance. Such ‘Jhoras’ are now a rarity, seen only in times of Yatra or big religious festivals.

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