Second Brussels chocolate show will be much bigger

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ChocolateThe second Brussels chocolate show will be much bigger. For the second year in a row, Brussels will be welcoming the Chocolate Show from 6th to 8th February 2015. This time, with over 6000 m² devoted to chocolate in every form. Enough space to provide greater comfort for both exhibitors and visitors, particularly thanks to the site’s access and parking facilities. Even more artisans, conferences, workshops, and demonstrations to delight all ages! For 3 days, Palais 1 of the Brussels Expo in Brussels will be site for exceptional tastings and demonstrations.

Chocolate iconsThe Chocolate Show is the largest event in the world devoted to chocolate. Created 20 years ago in Paris by Sylvie Douce and François Jeantet, it occurs in the greatest cities in the world: Paris, New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Lima, Salvador de Bahia, London, Zurich, etc. Brussels now represents a key date among the European events.

Last year, the 3 days of the Show saw nearly 30,000 visitors. Belgian visitors from all regions came most often as a family, but also with their friends, and showed themselves to be very enthusiastic and excited about this first event. This was, without a doubt, a long-awaited event. To some, this fact will be surprising that the average Belgian consumes 8 kg of chocolate per year, per person! Shops entirely dedicated to chocolate mark the streets of cities like Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, or even Liège.

Chocolate FashionBelgian expertise dates from the early 20th century. At that time, cocoa beans entered Belgium through Anvers. So it was here that they were roasted and then ground to form a paste, which was then exported. Belgians set themselves apart by perfecting a technique for refining cocoa beans to make the chocolate smoother while creating a more flavourful product. Chocolate stores multiplied, and some of our countrymen specialised in the roasting and preparation of ready-to-use products. This expertise was then passed down through high-quality instruction and a highly-qualified workforce. This is what has made us into chocolate “specialists”! On both the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking sides of our flat country, the big names in Belgian chocolate are now internationally renowned: Pierre Marcolini, Leonidas, Neuhaus, Galler, Godiva, Laurent Gerbaud, Joost Arijs and many more…

The Chocolate Show allows you to benefit from the many facets of chocolate all in one place, displayed in all its forms and states. You and your children can learn the tricks of the trade during fun and informative workshops.

Chocolate GyanEverything you can do at the Chocolate Show:

  • Discover the expertise of the best Belgian chocolatiers
  • Attend demonstrations by professionals and great chefs at the PASTRY SHOW
  • Taste the best chocolates and brand new recipes
  • Meet the biggest names in chocolate and watch them work
  • Participate in all sorts of workshops
  • Take part in conferences and debates led by leading Belgian and international figures in the CHOCOSPHERE area
  • Bring your children to the CHOCOLAND area, where they can participate in original and fun educational workshops
  • Admire the parade of chocolate dresses at the CACAO SHOW
  • Learn more about cocoa producing countries
  • Contemplate chocolate sculptures
  • Find out the secrets of chocolate manufacturing
  • Buy recipe books about chocolate and get them autographed
  • Discover the great chocolate museums
  • Attend cooking competitions featuring professionals and chocolate lovers

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