A flavour of heritage at Winter Wonders

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Winter WondersFilling the city centre every year, Winter Wonders, in partnership with visit.brussels, offers visitors the opportunity to discover the market district in the company of a guide. Between flavours and smells, lights and songs, chalets and entertainment, glorious food and delightful nectars, Winter Wonders deploys its course in the city centre for the pleasure of adults and children alike.

Visit.brussels offers guided tours on foot to explore the district of Vismet and Sainte-Catherine with plenty of Christmas cheer. A lovely neighbourhood where all the city’s history comes together, which put Brussels on the world map. This area is also known for its “béguinage”, which was home to a community of women that led the way in terms of the emancipation of women.

Winter WondersThis year, event shows a new face as visitors are invited to discover the Christmas atmosphere in Brussels through a course running from the Place de la Monnaie to the Vismet, the Grand-Place, the Bourse and the Place Sainte Catherine. Overall, some 230 business owners are the blood beating at the heart of Brussels to the magical rhythm of the festive season events. Some of these artisans and market sellers propose a panoply of colourful and sensation-filled activities: the Ferris Wheel, the Ice Monster or still, the Ice Rink… The latter, freshly decorated, will now take its winter quarters on the Place de la Monnaie. This 14th edition of the event renders homage to foreign cultures. Visitors will discover the Quebec City through the art installation Boule de Neige (Snowball) and traditional products market that have come straight from the land of caribou. The splendid fir tree is a gift by the City of Riga: towering at 22 meters, it will look down on the Grand Place that will be lit up by one thousand lights

Winter WondersThe district of Vismet and Sainte-Catherine with plenty of Christmas cheer, in the company of an enthusiastic guide is worth exploring. Tours available in three languages- French, Dutch and English. Tours have started from 29 November will continue until 4 January inclusive i.e. 29/11, 4/12, 6/12, 11/12, 13/12, 18/12, 20/12, 25/12, 27/12, 01/01 and 3/01. Tours will start at the entrance of the Sainte-Catherine Church, Place Sainte-Catherine and its duration will be 1 hour. For each tour maximum 25 people can join.


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