Give gift of travel this Christmas

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Trafalgar, the world’s leading guided holiday operator has some suggestions for gift-giving this Christmas. In particular, consider giving the gift of travel, an experience gift where the bonus perk is that the gift giver can choose to enjoy the gift together with their recipient. As the holiday season approaches, celebrate the festive season with loved ones and choose a special travel gift with unique experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

BledinwinterBuying a travel trip as a gift is much more meaningful than choosing a gift at the shops. Most importantly, there is no expiry date on the warranty period of benefits, as the travel experiences will last a lifetime. Besides shared memories together, when visiting a new country, there is much to learn and discover and try new things. From learning a new cultural dance, or trying to understand others who speak a different language, or discovering local flavours, Trafalgar’s guests will enjoy a unique insider’s perspective on the people, places and history of destinations visited. As multi-generational travel becomes popular, parents and children can choose to book a family holiday and enjoy shared experiences.

With over 60 years of experience organising holidays, Trafalgar picks out the top three holidays that are great for romantic getaways or family trips together – for every iconic destination, there’s an insider experience waiting to be discovered.

vineyards-stuttgart8-day Christmas Markets of Austria, Germany & Switzerland at US $1,750 per person

Mixing iconic sights and seasonal delights in central Europe, this regional explorer trip combines visits to festive markets and iconic landmarks in Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Innsbruck and Lucerne. Unique experiences include having insider moments with the stallholders of Vienna‘s Christkindlmarkt  as they unveil the secrets behind the origins of their traditional wooden toys, as guests enjoy tasty treats of spicy gingerbread and mulled wine. There are two different festive markets: the bustling grand market in Munich‘s famous Marienplatz, with its tasty Bavarian fare, lively alpine music and 14th century heritage, and the quaint little stalls in lakeside Lucerne, with their authentic twist and tranquil vibe. Enjoy up to 12% savings when you book for 2015 Christmas Markets trips before 12 February 2015.

Best of Italy pic 212-day European Whirl at US $2,465 per person 

This discovery trip is one of the most popular Europe trip all year round and takes the traveller into Europe’s most popular countries and cities, bringing together the best of its history, scenery, legends, locals and experiences. Go deeper into the culture and customs and discover how expert artisans create their world renowned Venetian glassware through insider moments.

Best of Italy7-day Italian Holiday  at US $1,665 per person

Explore Italy in-depth – visit roman monuments, enjoy the Venetian canals and marvel at Florentine artistry in the birthplace of the Renaissance.  Trafalgar’s insider moments allows guests to bypass queues and listen to an expert recount secrets of the Vatican past and present as they unfold the story of Michelangelo’s greatest work in the Sistine Chapel.

Nicholas Lim, President of Trafalgar (Asia) says that such holidays often enriches the individual and leave them with a lifetime of fond memories.  These things do not depreciate like a car or mobile phone and they stay with us for a lifetime. For example, exclusive Be My Guest experiences, Cultural Insights, Local Specialists and Authentic Accommodations are designed to bring each destination to life.

Medievalmarket,KamnikTo make it easier for solo travellers, Trafalgar has decreased its single supplement from 50-100 per cent on multiple departure dates of 12 holidays. For those wanting to book an Italian Holiday trip for a single traveller, there will be 100% savings off the single supplement for departure dates on 17 April and 28 August, 2015. Additional savings can be enjoyed now with the price at US $1,665 (usual price of $1,850). Other trips with 100% savings off the single supplement on selected dates include Rome and Tuscany Highlights, Prague, Vienna & Budapest and The Best of Turkey.  There are also 50% savings on single supplement fares for those travelling on the Scenic Scandinavia and Fjords trip. “Last Minute Deal” savings can be enjoyed for the European Whirl trip for departures on 30 December 2014** and for those who choose to book for 2015 Christmas Markets holidays before 12 February 2015, they can enjoy early payment discounts of up to 12%.

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