Husain at Delhi Art Fair

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Maqbool Fida Husain or M.F. Husain was indeed India’s most celebrated painter and a charismatic artist who took Indian art to world fame. He doesn’t need to be introduced any more. Having forced to live in exile in his last years due to protest from fundamentalist elements on many of his paintings, galleries in India often used to have cold feet in displaying his work. Recently some of his paintings were displayed at Delhi Art Fair in Delhi. A look at few of them-

HusainHorses have always been one of his favourite character.


His another painting titled Horse (appropriation)


Two of his paintings from the Ganesha series

Husain-Eternal Mother

Eternal Mother I (left) and II (right). Husain has painted mother a lot.

Husain-MotherThree of Husain’s paintings from the ‘Mother’ series


Paintings from Husain’s ‘Folklore Kerala’ series


Horse again. An untitled painting of Husain created 45 years back in 1969


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