Goa ranks 6th in global nightlife

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Bachelorette Party at SinQ Beach Club in Candolim, Goa

 Party at a Beach Club in Candolim, Goa

Despite many controversies surrounding, Goa has been getting recognition as a safe tourism destination, what many places in India cant boast of. Goa has been positioned sixth in the list of top 10 nightlife cities in the world by ‘National Geographic’. Goa is getting world recognition for several tourism related aspects. Now enlisted as the World’s best night life cities is another feather in our cap.

goa_2651558bGoa is a safe destination for tourists 24×7 whether on or off the beach. Its night bazaars, music festivals are very popular among tourists all over world. The list mentions Goa’s beaches and laid back locales along its golden shores as the right place to be at and experience all the fun which never stops even though there is restriction on all night fests. Whether you’re seeking a secluded bolthole or all-night gyration, Goa’s beaches are right for your fantasy. Channel Goa’s hippie ’70s heyday at laid-back locales along the golden south shore.

6689055National Geographic’s ‘Top 10 Nightlife Cities’ list, Dublin in Ireland ranked first, followed by Belgrade in Serbia, La Paz in Bolivia, Sao Paulo in Brazil, San Juan in Puerto Rico, Goa In India, Ibiza in Spain, Houston in Texas, Thessaloniki in Greece and Baku in Azerbaijan.

At the top, Dublin in Ireland Wedged between Trinity College and the old city, the Temple Bar area is a decadent neighbourhood of watering holes and nightclubs. The beer flows in torrents at the Brazen Head, reputedly Ireland’s oldest pub (established 1198) and a fixture in James Joyce’s opus Ulysses. Ranked 2nd Belgrade in Serbia has a rollicking world-class nightlife. Splavovi—riverboat clubs—boom in the glorious warmth of summer. The dancing shoes come out again in the postindustrial venues of the Savamala district.

People enjoy electronic music at the nightclub "Yatch Clube" in Sao Paulo. Photo: Getty Images

People enjoy electronic music at the nightclub “Yatch Clube” in Sao Paulo. Photo: Getty Images

3rd is La Paz in Bolivia. At 11,800 feet (3,597 meters), the Bolivian capital gets a tad chilly after sunset, when residents flock to cozy drinking holes to warm their cockles and trade secrets. Don’t be bashful: This sophisticated lady greets visitors with open arms. Ever popular São Paulo in Brazil is at 4th. The choice is overwhelming in Brazil’s sensuous megacity and the traffic deadly, so spiffed-up paulistas grab a meal or drink, walk to the nearest joint, and shake it, baby, to samba, bossa nova, or (maybe) Brazilian thrash punk.



San Juan in Puerto Rico is at 5th position. Flirt like the devil in fashionable bars along San Sebastián Street, then twist to sweaty abandon in tropical clubs like Rumba—all with a piña colada in hand, of course. After Goa, comes Ibiza in Spain at 7th. If your dial is permanently set to party, Ibiza’s club circuit will keep you energised late into the Spanish night. Slide on dance floors covered in soapsuds or join pool revelers under a suspended DJ cabin. Then catch a Discobus to your next adventure.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki, Greece

At no 8 Houston in Texas is the only American city in the list.Take a vat of oil money, add pressed jeans and a toothy Texas grin, and you’ve got some mighty fine entertainment after sunset. Club-hopping along Washington Avenue is buzzy, unpretentious fun. The city isn’t all Stetson-and-spur cowpoke—there’s excellent theater and jazz for the artsy crowd, too. Penultimate in top 10 list is Thessaloniki, Greece. Remember those playful old Grecian mosaics? The spirit’s alive and well in the Syngrou/Valaoritou and Ladadika districts, not to mention all those beaches. Thessaloniki has more cafés per capita than any other European city. Last is Baku in Azerbaijan Waves of oil money crashed over rough-edged Baku, and what washed up became the coolest bar scene this side of the Caucasus. At the William Shakespeare, expats and Azeris might jump on the counter and get jiggy together; Konti Pub lets you tap beer from barrels above your table.


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