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Art world seems to be getting more and more crazy towards installations. Are paintings loosing out? Installations are jazzy, trendy and perhaps more communicating. Recently concluded Delhi Art Fair also reflected this in a big way. Installations carried big space, bigger price tag and biggest buyers. A look at some of the installations-

Helmet by Surendra‘Music of our Times’ by Surendra Pal Joshi

A huge helmet with created with 50,000 safety pins. A steel skeleton pinned with big size pins. A headphone is attached to the helmet. Work signifies life and living in post modern age.

Spiderman PK

‘Spiderman PK’ by Mukesh Sharma

Using computer keys, ropes, ribbons and wires- synthesising materials to explicate a complex idea of a Superman in a straight word narrative!

Enchanted Forest

‘The Enchanted Forest’ by Alex Davis

An overgrown, decadent and hyper real imagery of an enchanted tropical forest is the narrative that holds three works together. What we see here is ‘The Roots’.

Happy New Year

‘Happy New Year’ by Anant Joshi

Fiberglass box, mirror, steel, resin, acrylic and industrial paint kite paper, led lights and readymade objects etc – 12 boxes with 12 sculptures on top of them.

Subodh Gupta

‘Seven Billion Light Years X’ by Subodh Gupta

Oil on canvas with found object

Valley Shende

‘Virar Fast- Mumbai Local’ by Valay Shende

A depiction of Mumbai’s suburban trains in steel.


‘Paani’ by Surendra Pal Joshi

A part of the Taana Baana series- flowing water created from over a lakh safety pins. This is a highly abstracted installation where artist refers to the wrath of nature at Uttarakhand in June 2013.

Alter Ego

‘Alter Ego’ by El Anatsui

Aluminium (bottlecaps) and copper wire

Musui & Maiya

‘Musui and Maiya’ by K.S. Radhakrishnan

Bronze sculptures true to Musui’s innate impish spirit, are parodic impersonations.


In the end two shocking installations which say a lot about women of our lives.




  1. Interesting…. Nice Photographs!

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks Sir, your appreciation is always encouraging!

  2. Moon says:

    Amazing and beautiful! Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos.

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