Belgium Pride will be three days this year

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Belgian Pride 2012 �VISITBRUSSELS -E.DanhierThis year it is going to be three days of celebrations for Belgium Pride’s 20th anniversary. Pride.be is 20 years old! To celebrate this memorable anniversary, the organisers have decided to pull out all the stops: Pride.be will fill up not one but three whole days! On 14, 15 and 16 May 2015, Brussels will be doing everything it can to do the LGBT community proud. Belgium will be jam-packed full of activities throughout the PrideFestival period from 1 to 17 May 2015. But the last three days will be the festival’s real climax, bringing the event to a close with a bang in Brussels.

14 May 2015, Gender@Pride: variations on gender “norms”

Bourse - BeursGender@Pride will be focusing on different approaches to gender(-identities). Negative, even aggressive attitudes, are still expressed to the people who do not fit in with the expected “norms”. It will be these prejudices and this lack of understanding that Gender@Pride plans to highlight. Via workshops, talks and even makeovers, groups of women, transvestites and transgender, intersex and queer people will be given the chance to offer their take on gender issues and introduce this world to the general public.

15 May 2015, Pride@TheCity: Brussels in all the colours of the rainbow

Pride.be has been taking place in Brussels for 20 years. But this year, the concept takes things one step further: it’s Brussels that will become the Pride! Lots of the event’s partners throughout the city (Beursschouwburg, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, La Monnaie, shops, AB, Le Muntpunt etc.) will be opening their doors and putting on activities in the run-up to the Parade@Pride, while some of the LGBT community’s pop-up shops will flourish in the city. Last but not least, to celebrate Pride.be’s 20th anniversary, a street party on Rue Orts is the only way to finish off the day on a high. And as some of the event’s partners also have a significant anniversary to shout about, there will be cakes and gifts for the joint celebration of the 20th anniversary of the KunstenfestivaldesArts and the 50th anniversary of Beursschouwburg!

16 May 2015, Parade@Pride: bringing the festivities to a climax

The unmissable parade of Pride.be that winds its way through the city centre is without a doubt the highlight of the festival. Associations, parties, supporters and retailers will join forces to express their enthusiasm for the message of Pride.be, while the festive PrideVillage will fill the area around the Bourse.


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