Munich is a ultra-chic shopping destination

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Muenchen-Shopping Fuenf Hoefe- A. BardehleKnown as one of the best 10 cities to live in the world, Munich offers a plethora of shopping options to visitors. When in Munich, shop at some of the world’s most creative boutiques or visit Munich’s traditional stores.

Munich, with its air of polished prosperity, is quintessential Germany. The old and the new co-exist here with cherished traditions like Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival, rubbing shoulders with designer shopping, sleek cars and high-powered industry. Indeed Munich today is the flavour of the year. The Bavarian capital on the Isar river has strong roots in the past. Its Baroque and Rococo architecture, lush parks, museums and historic venues such as Schloss Nymphenburg, the summer palace of the rulers of Bavaria, are the favoured haunts of tourists and locals alike.

Shopping_Odeonsplatz_Foto_A_KupkaThis gracious German city is just an hour’s drive from the snow-crusted Alps that frame it so beautifully and lend it an air of enchantment.

Main Shopping Centres

Neuhauserstrasse and Kaufingerstrasse in the city centre have large department stores and global chains. Smaller and more exclusive shops can be found around Maximilianstrasse and Theatinerstrasse. Leopoldstrasse is a trendy shopping street with tasteful boutiques on the surrounding streets. Even window shopping is fun here!

Shopping in Muenchen - Louis Vuitton Foto Werner BoehmHigh-End Shopping in Munich

Turning back across Marienplatz, you come to the high-class shops in Kaufingerstarsse and Theatinerstrasse.  In addition to fine shops and cafés, you will also come across the premises of the Hypobank Cultural Foundation, an art gallery famous for its spectacular exhibitions. Munich’s ultra-chic shopping area also encompasses Perusastrasse, Residenzstrasse, Brienner Strasse and Odeonsplatz. You will discover gems in the shop belonging to the Nymphenburg Porcelain factory, which has been based in Munich for over 250 years.

Bavarian Gifts

Typical Bavarian gifts might include traditional clothing such as Lederhosen (Knee length Breeches) for men and a Dirndl (traditional attire of skirt, apron, bodice and blouse) for women, Beer Mugs wood carvings, pewter-ware at Geschenke Kaiser, Rindermarkt 1.

Shopping Marienplatz Muenchen Foto Christoph MukherjeeMust buy

• Porcelain figurines are a must to buy at Schloss Nymphenburg

•Go for those hand-made chocolates and other sinful sweets at Elly Seidl’s shop. Try champagne truffles.

•The shops in Munich museums sell fine reproductions of works of art, limited editions, posters, and reproductions of designer  pieces from both their own collections and those of their museums.

•The museum shop at the Deutsches Museums carries an outstanding selection of unique toys, from building sets to robots-enthusiastically received by children and adults alike.

•Antique dolls, fashioned with artfully painted porcelain heads and draped in precious fabrics are collector’s items

•Dukatz cups and saucers, inscribed with humorous and subtle quotes by Bavarian author Oskar Maria Graf, can be purchased from Dukatz café.


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