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Its all about Kerala this August

The largest team sport in the world, boat races of Kerala (known vernacularly as Vallamkali) flaunts the social and cultural integrity and diversity of God’s Own Country. The awe-inspiring snake

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Singapore Flyer with a different eye

Singapore Flyer or Singapore Eye as it is fondly called as to beat London Eye is now the second largest ferris wheel in world (it was largest till year ago).

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Italian garden transported in heart of Brussels

From 13 to 16 August 2015, a unique opportunity to visit the Brussels City Hall transformed into an enormous floral exhibition Several big names from the world of floral art

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Yoga without an international day!

Yoga has always been part of India’s health consciousness, ages before the pomp and show of International Yoga day and much before the Baba’s and Dev’s. It has been part

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Sniffer dogs to take care of big cats

Dogs and cats might have a love-hate relationship but these dogs are determined to protect the bigger cats in the jungle. These are wildlife sniffer dogs. And these dogs recently

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Fly with balloons in comic festival!

On the occasion of the Brussels Comic Strip Festival, the 7th Balloons’ Day Parade will take place along the main streets of Brussels on the first weekend of September. Composed

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