Singapore Flyer with a different eye

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Singapore Flyer or Singapore Eye as it is fondly called as to beat London Eye is now the second largest ferris wheel in world (it was largest till year ago). Located in the Marina Bay area flyer with a height of 165 metres is a moving experience, a delight for the tourists coming to Singapore and also to photographers, with so many shades, angles and views for the shutterbugs. Few of mine favourites-


  1. Alok Singhal says:

    Looks pretty enormous. Lovely captures!

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Alok. It is hard to resist your fingers clicking up the camera, when you are there.

  2. Archana Kapoor says:

    I simply love it… hate missing it on any of my Sing trips.. thanks for sharing such lovely pics buddy! 🙂 Cheers

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Archana for nice words as always. It is indeed an altogether different experience high up there.

  3. Lovely pictures…This is indeed a different eye, Thanks for sharing

    Ami @http://thrillingtravel.blogspot.in/

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Ami for appreciating.

  4. Kalpanaa says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the many photos of this delightful Flyer.

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Kalpana for appreciating. It was so nice.

  5. Wow.. nice array of pictures.

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks Shrikant!

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