Trident & Tricolour- Flying high

Trishul peak and Indian Tricolour, what a perfect match- both in awe of each other.

Something of a rare sight this is, as seen from Kausani in Uttarakhand, one of my favourite places and among the best ones in India to have a sight of full glory of Nanda Devi ranges of Himalayas. So, unfurled Tricolour at Anasakti ashram in Kausani and mighty Trishul peak under blue skies in the background make a very beautiful picture, isn’t it! As it is not everyday that tricolour is unfurled here and it is also not everyday that you find such a clear view of Himalayan peaks. Here we have both…

An independence gift for the readers from my side- a small photo gallery of India Tricolour.


11 thoughts on “Trident & Tricolour- Flying high”

    1. Its indeed a lovely place, amazing peace and beauty! Sighting himalayas here becomes as easy and as tough as a tiger in a tiger reserve. Luck plays a big role. But its worth trying again and again.

    1. I would have certainly liked that, Alok. But as the day passes by only Trishul and the Mrigthuni peaks are normally visible as clearly. Hence I had to limit the background to get as much only.

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