Honey I shrunk the Europe!

All through those years being a journalist, I have been seeing the photos and often admired the Mini Europe; not knowing that one day, I would be there standing between those toys which were by no means a kid’s play. Its a must-see place for tourists visiting Belgium, specially Brussels. Located in Bruparck just adjacent to Atomium on the outskirts of Brussels, this miniature park has most popular monuments from the European Union on the show. What is amazing is that all buildings have been created on accurate scale (1:25) and identical design made out of vast research. The incomparable chimes of Big Ben welcome you to the heart of London. The gondolas and mandolins will invite you to discover the charms of Venice. Follow the Thalys from Paris to the other end of France. You can make the models work yourself : the eruption of Vesuvius, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the bullfight in Seville and many more…

A photo tour (go till the last):

It’s an amazing experience to see the monuments the way, you would never able to see the actual ones- by getting into them!

Mini Europe15

This is the Gateway to the wonderful world

Mini Europe1

Its whistlestop tour around Europe in few short hours

Mini Europe2

The old and the new!

Mini Europe3

You won’t need RailEurope to take you through this trip-

Mini Europe4

This one is life size undoubtedly… and there is a real face behind!

Mini Europe5

Who doesn’t love Amsterdam and its canals!

Mini Europe6


Mini Europe7

In the background is the original occupant of Bruparck-

Mini Europe8

The Brussels Square with Flower Carpet on the show-

Mini Europe9


Mini Europe10


Mini Europe11

Creating this was no kids play-

Mini Europe12

Cruising below the Eiffel Tower-

Mini Europe13

Compare the size and the details-

Mini Europe14

Only the Champ de Mars is missing below this Eiffel tower

Mini Europe16

Arc de Triomphe in full glory-

Mini Europe17

No landings allowed on this airstrip-

Mini Europe18

The Portuguese Castles in full glory-

Mini Europe19

This tower of Pisa is leaning too and it is actually made of marble, unlike others which are made through moulds, using resin or polyester.

Mini Europe20

Even the minute details on the sculptures of the monuments were taken care of-

Mini Europe21

And the Berlin wall is crumbling down below-

Mini Europe22

The German design-

Mini Europe23

See the details in the Hungarian architecture-

Mini Europe24

The Parthenon at Greek Acropolis-

Mini Europe25

In total 350 models and animations sites in a quite unequalled craftmanship. Also don’t forget to visit the European Space full of interactive multimedia games.


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