In the shadow of a Great King

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Sikandara in Agra is home to one of the greatest kings ever to rule this country- Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar. He was buried here and his tomb is among one of the greatest structures of the era (See: Here lies a great king). One may say that this tomb misses the grandeur of the another tomb Agra is famous for- The Taj, but Sikandara is what Akbar always wished for- peace and tranquility.

What lies the another beauty here is that as soon as you turn your back towards the main mausoleum, you will immediately move to another world. With so many deer galloping around you will feel as if you are in a black-buck sanctuary, so oblivious they are to the tourists coming there, in a testimony to the great man, who rests here. Its an altogether different experience, which makes you to spend more and more of your time. So lovely and adorable… isn’t it! See for yourself-


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