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It was heartening to see the couple of painted storks back in the lake. It was bit pleasantly surprising also, because winters this year  seem to be arriving bit late as its already mid-October and maximum temperature is still hovering around 35o celsius. So sight of migratory birds in the lake (Sanjay Lake, East Delhi), where we have our daily morning walk, was heart warming. Second surprise was the number- a couple of painted storks have been regular visitors to this lake every winter for last many years. But this time I was pleasantly shocked to see five of them— highest number I have seen so far in this lake. But unfortunately, I was not carrying the camera that day. Next day, when I was fully armoured with my lenses, I could find only two. But still it was a satisfying day with the camera- you can see, why. Best of timings, that one can get for a shot- isn’t it.

Diving into your mouth!

Diving into your mouth!

Here’s another photo of the couple-

Painted stork couple

Watch this space for more of this fish catching episode!


  1. Ami Bhat says:

    That is an amazing catch ! (Both for the stork and your camera ) 🙂

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks, Ami.

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