Kanupriya – An Odissi choreography

Kanupriya – An Odissi choreography presentation by Shubhada Varadkar at Khajuraho festival of dances 2015. Shubhada is a disciple of late guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. She has choreographed and performed at many prestigious national and international dance festivals. Her few recent productions- ‘Journey to Divinity’, “Chitrangada’, ‘Kanupriya’ and ‘Amrutghanu’ are a few ballets that have won her laurels from the art lovers across the world.

Kanupriya is a tale of mythological love between Radha and Krishna, but this is has a gender twist. This tale is about how Radha herself views this relationship. This is a journey of her soul to become one with God.

She herself feels that Kanu is her eternal playmate. Other times, he is protector, guardian… sometimes even she feels maternal love for him considering him to be an infant, who needs protections. At one point of time she will feel that she and her Kanu are one entity.

Its a journey of her emotions, her love and her bonding to Kanu. See the video of this dance-drama on my channel-



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