Indian Accent is the most popular restaurant in India

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We Indians love our food. Ain’t we! We can proudly challenge any country in the world with the wide range of food we have from North to South and East to West and can beat the nearest competitor by a huge margin. No doubt we have some of the choices restaurants in the world as well. We might not be having many Michelin-starred chefs around but we do score on taste and hospitality. So here is a list of India’s top 10 restaurants as compiled by TripAdvisor on the basis of reader reviews. And they are actually in the order from top to ten.

Indian Accent, New Delhi, India

Indian_accentLocated in the manor hotel in Friends Colony it is easy to see why this has been voted best restaurant in India and Top 3 in Asia. Listed among top 100 restaurants worldwide by Foodie top 100, also amongst the Asia’s finest restaurants of 2013 by Miele Guide, Asia’s 50 best restaurants for 2014, best Indian restaurant in time out food awards, best restaurant in India by varli culinary awards, New York, and among the 101 best places to eat in world by Newsweek foodie awards, Indian accent has much more to offer than awards. It showcases Indian food for the 21st century with a path-breaking contemporary menu that is sure to excite the adventurous, yet satisfy traditional palates.

A wonderful place, a piece of Indian culture with its atmosphere, perfect Indian cuisine, with friendly and helpful staff and soulful music!!! Said to be a perfect place for couples, it gives a superb dining experience. People say, fantastic is an understatement for this place!!! Food, presentation and hospitality! Such diverse flavours and you can get a taste of each in every bite you have. Food is simply incredible, innovative, contemporary, unthinkable combinations, delicious and exquisitely-cooked. Chef’s menus is a popular choice.

Overlooking the cool verandah and the lush lawn, the restaurant also has a private dining room and a bar. Two gigantic silver diya trees of life provide an Indian accent to the otherwise modern décor.

Peshawri, Mumbai, India

PeshawriAt Peshawri in ITC Maratha in Mumbai the cuisine has been inspired by the essence of North West frontier tradition, of camaraderie around the warm glow of a campfire – succulent tandoori fare, low on oil and high on authenticity. The food is cooked in clay ovens or tandoor in the traditional style of the Indian North-West Frontier region. This style of cooking requires great expertise on the part of the chefs, since the meat is not accompanied by any sauce or gravy, but only pre-marinated and cooked before serving. It takes a chef years of meticulous training and dedication to master the technique of the art of making the breads that are so much vital part of the cuisine, or to acquire the ability to gauge spices, mix marinades, and the most vital of all, to judge the heat of the tandoor and the time necessary for each dish to be perfectly cooked.

A unique concept, the restaurant offers a sophisticated yet totally ethnic experience where the kitchen is part of the restaurant. The decor comprises rough-hewn trestle tables and wooden stools complete the rugged look. Copper pots and urns are suspended from the ceiling and pillars; the crockery is earthenware in an earthy ochre colour, while the menu is painted on a block of wood. The chequered apron is also a totally novel concept that has become very popular. The view of the kitchen with the busy chefs adds to the warmth of the restaurant, inviting one to take time off to photograph the activity inside the kitchen. The speed by which the food is cooked and delivered to the tables justifies its claim of having one of the most efficient service.

Villa Maya, Trivandrum, India

VillaMayaLocated west to the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Villa Maya is among the top restaurants in the region. A very broad selection of dishes from Moroccan, to buffalo wings, to mouth watering Indian dishes. The setting is wonderful in Villa Maya’s beautiful courtyard. Villa Maya is a lovingly restored 18th century Dutch manor that once enjoyed the attention of the royal house of Travancore. In the spirit of its noble heritage it continues to exude timeless elegance through contemporary design and haute cuisine. Villa Maya is a treasure trove of subtle sensory delights; a theatre of the senses meticulously crafted to offer you an escape into serenity. Authentic traditional cuisines from around the world are exquisitely plated to harmonise with its classical architecture, minimal style and carefully selected art and craft pieces, creating an experience of beauty and grace. It has introduced sophisticated dining experiences. It believes in comfort, privacy and finesse, our varied dining spaces have been individually styled to suit your every mood and celebration.

Trivandrum’s culinary history inspired the restaurant to combine traditional cuisine with contemporary style. The menu presents a wide repertoire of cuisine from the countries that historically traded with Kerala. The menu is a gastronomical journey through Kerala, India, Morocco and Italy. Each dish has been carefully handpicked for its cultural heritage, authenticity and resonance with the tastes of Kerala and is presented in a multisensory delight of exciting flavours, textures and aromas.

Bukhara, New Delhi, India

BukharaIt has been historically known as one of the top restaurants in India. ITC Maurya’s finest restaurant serves the North-West Frontier on a platter. Yes, we’re talking tandoors and kebabs. Bukhara has held a place on the Restaurant Magazine UK’s Top 50 (world). A favourite of food critic Vir Sanghavi’s, Bukhara is on his best restaurant list too. The restaurant serves cuisine in a clay ‘tandoor’ oven with a special emphasis on kebabs, which are served without cutlery. Bukhara specialises in Indian food, and the north Indian cuisines. In 2009, US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, also visited the restaurant, the “Hillary Platter” later became part of the menu, in line with “Presidential Platter” based on the non-vegetarian dishes ordered by Bill Clinton during his visit, and also “Chelsea Platter” composed of vegetarian dishes ordered by Chelsea Clinton.

Agashiye, Ahmedabad, India

AgashiyeAgashiye in Gujarati means on the terrace. This beautiful restaurant is spread over two huge terraces are inter-connected by a smaller one that houses a small wooden cottage. At Agashiye, the food is freshly prepared, a lot of it in the terrace kitchen where one can see it. Their attempt is to retain the distinct flavours of the ingredients and they use both spices and oil sparingly. The menu at Agashiye changes daily and varies seasonally too, so an item that one particularly liked during a previous visit may not be there on the menu. Though it hopes one world find another favourite!

The staff at Agashiye comprises mostly of men from neighbouring villages. During dinner, they will guide guests to the waiting area where one will be served juice and starters. Patrons will be informed when their table is ready. During lunch, people are seated at the table right away.

The food is served in a kansa thali immediately on being seated at the table. The meal starts with a choice of Indian breads and ends with rice. Servings are unlimited. The staff has been instructed not to constantly hover around and yet be attentive.It is neither an ethnic nor a theme restaurant. It is meant to be a dining experience in a contemporary Gujarati home.

Khyber, Mumbai, India

KhyberKhyber is an iconic restaurant located in the art & heritage district of the city of Mumbai. Frequently patronized by local & international celebrities, distinguished personalities and even royalty, we have had the pleasure of serving the Prince of Luxemborough, Kuwait Royal Family, Sir Richard Branson, Sir Paul McCartney, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Wendell Rodricks, Goldie Hawn, Richard Gere, Demi Moore, and many more.

Khyber has successfully maintained utmost consistency in its hospitality as well as food quality & taste for over five decades! Today the brand enjoys an enviable position in the premium segment cuisine of the North-West Frontier Province and has created a niche for itself as one of the internationally acclaimed fine-dining restaurant of the world. Khyber has many awards in its kitty to prove the love and admire it receives from its connoisseurs..

Malaka Spice, Pune, India

Malaka-SpiceRestaurant started in 1997 in Lane 6 Koregaon Park at Pune. Malaka Spice is a culinary journey. When you order a Chef Cheeru original dish here, you will get a delight not available anywhere in the world, except at Malaka Spice. Because it has been conceived, designed, tested and tasted to an original perfection by favorite Chef Cheeru. Every offering at Malaka Spice is special. There might be few inspirations from an internationally popular traditional recipe…but always with a unique tasteful twist.

Malaka Classic is a dedication to the roadside cafe that Malaka Spice started as. This al fresco dining opportunity is rare in fast growing urban India and is extremely popular with the young and hip. It is especially popular with South Mumbai foodies who drive down to Pune on weekends to spend long epicurean afternoons at Malaka Classic. Celebs from sports, media and movies are a common sight here. Candle lit evenings draw romantic couples whose age may range from 16 to 60 plus. The Malaka menu evolves every day… Every day you may see a special dish being offered to foodie patrons… Many of these float into seasonal special menus and finally the best move into its Classic Menu. Restaurant is winner of MasterChef Australia Award 2012 – Viewer Recommended Food Joint – 2011 and Times food Award – Best Pan Asian Restaurant – 2013.

Gulati, New Delhi, India

GulatiUndoubtedly, the most trusted and revered place for authentic Indian, Mughlai & Tandoori delicacies for over four decades. Set right in the heart of the national capital, this, 130+ cover restaurant at Pandara Road offers the best of traditional hospitality and a true classy ambience that speaks sheer luxury. Since it’s inception in 1959 Gulati Restaurant has generated a happy guest list, which includes the highest social strata and countless prominent dignitaries. It is not only the high strata, its guest list cuts across the social boundaries and people from all walks of life form a part of the prestigious guest list. A testimony to the fact is it being voted as The Best North Indian Restaurant in Delhi in an exclusive HT City Reader’s Poll 2003.

The tender, melt in the mouth, Murgh Malai Kababs, the Barrah Akbari, the Kakori Kabab and Veg Galouti Kabab are sure to transform you to an old world charm. No wonder its Shahi Dal Makhani has been rated as the very best in the capital by Eating Out magazine. A range of select Hyderabadi dishes like Dumpokht Biryani, Paneer Hyderabadi and Fish Curry add a new flavor to the Mughlai Cuisine. To enchant the guests with the varied hues of the great Indian cuisine Gulati regularly host special food festivals. Its Biryani Festival, the Kabab Festival, the Tawa and the Hyderabadi have been overtly successful and have brought much reclaim. Gulati Restaurant provides the most modern and comfortable ambience to the guests, to relish the most authentic Indian cuisine.

Pinch of Spice, Agra, India

Pinch of SpicePinch of Spice is an exclusive fine dining restaurant with three outlets, two in Agra and one in Delhi. The company started its first restaurant in Agra with name – “Pinch of Spice” – A family Dining Restaurant at Agra’s commercial hub- Sanjay Place in 2007. After the success of first outlet, company started its second outlet overlooking Taj at Fatehabad Road in 2009, accommodating spacious dining and banqueting area spread over three floors. After that, company also opened its third restaurant in Delhi at a very famous market of Delhi – Rajouri Garden in 2011, spread over three floors i.e. Fine Dining, Banqueting and Lounge Bar. ”Pinch of Spice” has now become a renowned brand in Delhi and Agra, due to the delicious cuisine and soothing ambience it offers.

Pinch of Spice offers authenticity in each dish present on the menu and offers world class cuisines whether you are looking for traditional Indian food, Continental, Chinese or Italian. Dining at Pinch of Spice is a wonderful holistic experience; everything that greets you upon entering the place makes you feel special and pampered. Exclusive range of cuisine at the restaurant has a wide variety offering mouth watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. Exotic yet authentic, the Pinch of Spice chain consist of fine dining with a five star feel and promises all food lovers a journey of specialised north west frontier cuisine with exotic picks from regions of Punjab and the Mughal era, at a substantial pricing.

Tuscany Gardens, Candolim, India

Tuscany-GardensOnly Italian restaurant in the list, although many other serve Italian dishes as well. Tuscany Gardens is the proud winner of the prestigious Italian “Ospitalita Italiana” quality seal -a symbol of the highest standards in Italian quality and Italian hospitality. Started in 2007, this garden restaurant is one of the coziest in Candolim and provides a calm and romantic ambience.  As the evening goes on, the area around the restaurant gets very quiet, providing a peaceful environment for you to enjoy your dinner and admire the beautiful little chapel opposite the restaurant. Combined with the Italian food and music, you might even forget you are in Goa for a little while!

Tuscany Gardens also makes an excellent cup of freshly brewed coffee and its own homemade desserts. It also believes that good food should be accompanied by good wine,  so they always track down some of the best wines available on the market –both Indian and foreign. It’s the place to visit if you’re tired of curries and Indian spices or if you have a craving for a decent thin-crust pizza or al dente pasta.

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