On Lion Trail – A photo journey

When it comes to big cats, undoubtedly they sway all the enthusiasm of tourists in their favour. Thats the reason that although forests themselves hold inherent beauty with all important fascinating wild life other than the cats, but when one goes to a sanctuary there is a single point motive of seeing a big cat in wild. If you don’t see a big cat in a safari than you will hang your head in disappointment at the end. In this respect, we were fortunate enough to get a good sighting of an adult lioness within first half hour of our safari in GIR national park of Gujarat, only home to Asiatic lions in the world.

This lioness was alone and perhaps looking for her cubs (thats what our guide Aasif said). But she remained around our vehicle for more than ten minutes, giving us an eyeful. Have a look at her different moods.

Here is a video of the lioness from my YouTube channel. Watch the video and see, how oblivious was this lioness of human presence around her.

About GIR: GIR National Park is located in Junagadh district of Gujarat. It is only home to Asiatic Lions in wild in the world. Park has more than five hundred lions and lions are literally overflowing. This park remains open from 16th October to 15th June every year.


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