Riding a Ducati in picturesque Munnar

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Well, I would have always preferred a Harley Davidson under me, having driven its country cousin (RE TBTS) for years, but still Ducati was always a welcome option for many reasons. Firstly, I had never rode a Ducati before (so I haven’t even a Harley for that matter!). Secondly, I had an opportunity to test ride two of yet to to be launched, very high end Ducati bikes. Thirdly, location couldn’t have been better than Munnar in Kerala. Munnar to Ooty has been among the best driving routes among the world sheer for its amazing terrain and beautiful refreshing landscape. So it goes, and for the record, that happened sometime ago. Only that, I haven’t shared it with my readers. Sharing here some of the images from the event.

Hot seat!

Hot seat!

Well, honestly enough I might not be the appropriate person to analyse the technical aspects of the bike here. Many others have already done that. But is was undoubtedly an extraordinary thrill.

Ducati in Munnar

On the first look itself, Monster seems a great machine.

Ducati Monster

Very impressive contours and design.

Ducati Monster

Monster is a stud by all means!

Ducati Monster

Its a mini computer on ride! Everything has been so digitalised- from different riding modes to service.

A mean machine!

A mean machine!

On to the endless road-


Ducati Multistrada can be easily taken as a sports bike but surprise… it was recently crowned as Best Touring Bike of 2015.


Critics even call it jack of all trades or a very athletic kind of touring bike. It has very sophisticated electronics and variable cam timing and electronic suspension… makes you to use this machine as you like.

Ducati multistrada

Riding a Multistrada is indeed a joy, but I am still skeptical about long haul rides on them, may be because of old habits.


Ready to hit he metal-

Ducati testride

Two together made a wonderful sight- #monster & #multistrada

Two to Tango!

You need lots of guts and big pockets to ride them.

Two to Tango!

A Ducati monster with our own Indian road monster- the Bullet!

Our hero!

But then still people look at who is driving instead of what is he driving…

Local Favourite!


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