This December light up at Macau

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Festival of LightsMacau has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday. Travelling to Macau is easy as visa is on arrival, making it a convenient destination for Indian travelers, especially those who like to make impulse trips. Macau in December has some truly unique and exciting experiences to offer. It is the ideal destination if you want to soak in some rich culture and festivities that make a county what it is.The Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) is presenting a spectacular event –“Macau Light Festival 2015 – Journey of Lights” at a range of famous attractions in Macau from 6 – 31st of December 2015.

This initiative has been undertaken to support Macau’s goal to develop into a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure, radiate its destination glamour and add a festive vibe in town. The Macau SAR Government is dedicated to combining culture, tourism and sports for a greater synergistic effect. This year, the “Macau International Marathon” and the “Parade through Macau, Latin City” will both fall on 6 December. In parallel with that, MGTO chose to unveil the ‘Macao Light Festival 2015’ in the evening on the same day, to boost the effect and make it a signature event in Macau.”

Macau Festival of lightsRevolving around the theme about the Butterfly Fairy and little elves, the Macau Light Festival 2015 – Journey of Lights will dazzle a total of 11 famous attractions including some world heritage attractions in town. The Festival features three program highlights known as 3D Mapping, Light Installation and Interactive Games from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. during the period between 6 and 31 December. People of any age group are welcome to join the event. Locals and visitors can follow the Butterfly Fairy to look for little elves and embark upon an enchanting journey of glittery lights.

Enchanting 3D Mapping 

Local residents are familiar with 3D mapping shows, and this time, there will be four shows of different themes projected upon the facades of four acclaimed historic monuments. The video images are mainly about the stories of these architectures in bygone days as well as the aroma of the East and West cultures in Macao. The 10-minute 3D mapping shows namely “St. Dominic‧Angelic Melody” and “The Wonderland of Illumination” will unfold at St. Dominic’s Church and the Ruins of St. Paul’s respectively; on the other hand, the 5-minute shows called “A Tour of Exotic Macao” and “The Purple Haze of A-Ma Temple” will brighten up the Holy House of Mercy and A-Ma Temple in the scheduled evenings. All shows will repeat at 30-minute intervals during the aforementioned time period.

Romantic Light Installation

Exquisite themed illuminations will be displayed at nine attractions to add a festive ambience in the nights of December. The themed light installations include “The Canopy of Starry Night” at Senado Square, “The Corridor of Magical Light” at the Holy House of Mercy, “The Clothes Drying Lane” at Lou Kau Mansion along Travessa da Sé, “The Fountain of Bliss” at Cathedral Square, “Butterflies in the Starlight” at St. Augustine’s Square, “The Rainbow Stairs” at St. Lawrence’s Church, “Elves in Wonderland” at Lilau Square, “The Dress of the Butterfly Fairy” at Moorish Barracks and “From the Outer Space” at Barra Square.

Macau Festival of lightsFun Interactive Games

The Festival will present five interactive games for visitors’ fun experience, including “Cycle Racing” and “Taming Rudolph the Reindeer” alternately held at the Holy House of Mercy. The Cycle Racing, designed to combine bicycle generators and 3D projection mapping techniques, will go on from 6 – 20 December and 26 – 31 December. On the other hand, in the activity “Taming Rudolph the Reindeer” on 21 – 25 December, participants can search for Santa’s Reindeer through a touch-screen device on the spot. “Starry Blessings” at A-Ma Temple will give participants an untraditional blessing experience. In the activity, visitors can choose a wishing phrase and input a name via a tablet provided on the spot, and their message will be projected on the exposed wall of A-Ma Temple. In the activity “Dance Little Fairy!”, participants can become a butterfly fluttering its wings out of a chrysalis with a motion sensor device installed at St. Augustine’s Square. All of the above activities will span about 20 minutes each at half-hour intervals.

Residents and visitors can also join the round-the-clock game “Elves Hunt” at ten designated locations at any time of the day by using the function “Shake” or “Scan” on WeChat. By helping the Butterfly Fairy to locate five of her elves in town, they can redeem a small gift at Gift Redemption Counter in front of the Ritz Building at Senado Square within the designated time period.

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