Sharp as Laser & my travel partner as well- ASUS ZenFone 2

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Being a NOKIA addict right from start, I had never tried to change my mobile phone brand. I used to feel that NOKIA handsets are more user-friendly. Hence, I refused to switch over even when Android was ruling the mobile world and people around me were using Android based phones in full flow. Since my bonding was more with original Nokia, hence it didn’t automatically passed on to Windows when it took over Nokia. So much so that I kept cringed to my Nokia C7 even when I had accidentally cracked its screen by pressing it against my hotel room keys kept in back pocket of my jeans sometime back when I was on travel.

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So, switching a phone itself was a big deal for me, let alone changing the brand. But then I had no options left. It was in this situation that, I was given a ASUS phone to try. ASUS as a brand was not new for me. I was quite familiar with ASUS laptops. I was equally aware that ASUS has made a big foray in the mobile phone market. Hence, as a brand I was not averse to ASUS. That made the transformation look less hostile.

One of the reasons that I loved my Nokia C7 a lot was its camera. Being a traveler and a photographer, camera always used to be my first preference. My phones let me afford to forget or not carry my camera at times. ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser didn’t let me miss C7 even in that respect. Yea, that is the phone that I laid my hands upon. So, since last few weeks, I am putting this phone to all possible uses.

No second thought in saying that this phone has made my transition from Nokia a lot more easier. It has also made me use Android in an enjoyable manner. Well, I am not talking here more about Android but about the handset.

The boatman

This dual sim phone comes with a 13MP rear and 5MP front camera. For better photographic results ASUS has developed a imaging system- PixelMaster Camera 2.0 to enhance the photo quality by many notches. This system automatically adjusts the ratio of maximum contrast to enhance the ability of framing features and shapes of the subject. It actually enables clear photos in low-light conditions. For chatting and selfies Zenfone 2 front camera also supports low light mode and zero shutter lag. Front camera also comes with a 85 degree wide angle lens to help you take selfies from closer angles.

Delhi in Night

Asus is also probably the only mobile handset brand which has developed exclusive accessories for its phones to enable them in multitasking. So, when I look at plus-ons for my use- two of its accessories are remarkable. First among them is ZenFlash. This comes with a Xenon flashlight and it instantly coverts your phone into a professional camera. This ZenFlash can be fixed on the back of the phone where rear camera is. Asus claims that this flash is 100 times brighter than normal LED flashes of the phones. Can’t measure it but it indeed was brighter.

The Morning Mist

And for the fun-loving ones, Asus has also come out with a funky Lolliflash. It is colourful dual-LED light for natural skin-tone enhancement. This flash can be easily attached to the audio socket of the phone through its jack. What more! This Lolliflash comes with four different colour filters to give your photo a desired tone.

Swans in the Lake

A couple of things on the flip side. Well, use to hear that ASUS phones are always in shortage so that there is a constant demand in the market. But this logic notwithstanding, I was still unhappy with two things. This is perhaps the only handset that comes without customary earphones. Not just they don’t come bundled in the box, but they are not even available in the market. Ofcourse you can use any other earphones, but I am talking about ZenEar, which Asus has specially developed for its phones with a patented transmission tube design.

Similar goes with Asus Cover. Asus is perhaps the only mobile handset brand which has designed covers which enable you to perform multiple functions from the cover itself without flipping it open, even camera too. Seems like a phone protecting a phone itself. Very handy when you are in a hurry. But alas, even this cover is not available so far.

(All photos and videos in the post have been captured through my ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser)


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