Why the last sunset of the year has to be so beautiful!

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Why the last sunset of the year has to be so beautiful! I wonder. Sometimes its so magical that you don’t want to let the year pass by… Although it also sets the tone to welcome the new year with all positive vibes. It also reminds us about the beauty of life, however troublesome the years gone by would have been…

Sunset at Thar1

Photographing sunsets or sunrises is normally all photographers’ favourite pastime. They can do it almost endlessly at every dawn and dusk. So has been the case with me. And when the charm is to capture the last sunset of the year, then you don’t want to blink, just to click… click… click.

Sunset at Thar2

Sand dunes at Sam near Jaisalmer (almost 35 kms from city) in Rajasthan are actually known for their fascinating sunsets. Sunset here shows, how romantic even deserts can be.

Sunset at Thar3

Actually, Sam is among the few places in the country which have been associated with watching the last sunset of the year. Tourists flock to this place every 31st December.

Sunset at Thar4

Most of them stay at Jaisalmer and travel to Sam to watch sunset. But a few also choose to stay at Sam itself for some quite days as this place has a handful of luxury resorts with all facilities.

Sunset at Thar5

At evening people line up on these dunes with their eyes glued to western sky.

Sunset at Thar6

The initial haze clears and what you see is a full glory of nature.

Sunset at Thar7

One feels that, just before setting, sun steals the whole beauty of nature in its shades, capable of mesmerising everybody.

Sunset at Thar8

You blink and you find a new colour in front of you.

Sunset at Thar9

And here comes the touch-down moment.

Sunset at Thar10

It slowly weans away…

Sunset at Thar11

See the melting moments. You will often feel that there are only three constants in these frames- the camera, the serene desert and the TV tower seemingly standing adjacent to the setting sun and saying it goodbye…

Often after watching a sunset like this, you will having a feeling of hollowness & emptiness deep inside. You will not like to talk or speak a lot immediately afterwards. But slowly a content will fill you and a smile appears with a resolve to welcome the sunrise of the coming day… a new year… a new beginning.


  1. Archana Kapoor says:

    amazing captures buddy 🙂

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Archana for your appreciation as always. But amazing was the sunset, which made my photography very simple.

  2. Arun says:

    Its indeed very beautiful!

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Arun!

  3. Viraj Mehta says:

    Fabulous post! The eye-striking pictures of the last sunset of the year and beautiful description has left me spellbound. To see the beauty of nature for one last time before venturing into the new year was emotional as it reminds of all the happy and sad moments of the year passing by.

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks a lot Viraj for taking your time to go through the post and appreciating it. Indeed, the last sunset has something in it which strikes chords inside you. Always amazing! Thanks once again.

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