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Eyes firmly upon you!

With you under watch every time, everywhere; your all actions under scrutiny, questionable; its interesting to see that how these little birds react under constant gaze of the camera. Birds

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Waiting to bask in glory!

With sunlight ready to colour them, two pairs of Mallard Ducks trying to move away from my constant gaze of my camera lens. Belonging to the Anatidae family, these ducks

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In the Urban Jungle with Zenfone Zoom

How often will you be forced to leave your bulky DSLR camera just because you are not willing to carry any bag! And how often will you rue not carrying

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Don’t we need these hills anymore!

In this picture you can see a hill or for that matter a leftover of it. This is in Rajasthan, less than 200 kms from national capital- Delhi, as well

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Fall in Love in MIAMI for the first time or all over again

If you haven’t been to Miami lately, you haven’t been to Miami! The destination is fast evolving welcoming a growing numbers of visitors each year to enjoy favourite classic spots

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Smart Navigation – The Seagulls way

Seagulls are beautiful. Its so fascinating to see them playing on the waves in the vastness of the sea. A an icy white colour with pinch of red at their

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Navigating through a fun-filled month of February

Its Spring time. This year we has less chill, still sing is always anticipated a lot. Time of romance and enjoyment. Carnival time at places around the world. With Basant

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