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Roopkund : Mystery under the watery grave!

It is one of the greatest mysteries of our times. It has been chronicled so much by historians, sociologists and scientists, alike that one can find internet abuzz with the

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Ali Bugyal – Most beautiful but might be least visited meadow!

Bugyals are the meadows in the lower himalayan region- lush green, out of nowhere on the top of the mountain or on its edges, surrounded by heavy forest of pines

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Going to Udaipur! Don’t miss on these 10 things!

Its one of the most popular tourist destinations in India—for domestic and overseas tourists alike. Udaipur, better known as City of lakes is truly special, calm and beautiful. It has

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After Two Deadly Years, Everest Climbers Gear Up for a Strong Season

Nepal has had the worst year imaginable. But even after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake, political unrest that resulted in a five-month blockade, and the two deadliest years in the history of

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Milking a lake and killing it too!

Its the story of the ‘goose that laid the golden egg’. Quite similar to my earlier post on Hills: Don’t we need them anymore. But irony is, while the earlier

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A lot of tea and a bit of Ramayana in Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is not the name that automatically pops up in your mind, when you talk about Sri Lanka. One keeps talking about Colombo, Galle or Kandy. But Nuwara Eliya

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A lake with nine corners – Naukuchiatal

One of the many lakes the lower himalayan region of Nainital is famous for- Naukuchiatal (नौकुचियाताल) is one of the biggest among them and perhaps most serene. The only lake

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Graffiti Street – Art in alley at Ghent

We have already read about how city of Bruges in Belgium showcases its Public Art. Another city in Belgium is know for its different form of art- graffiti. This is

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Calling on friends! To be in the company!!

Who likes to be alone! Whether it is a human being or birds, everybody looks for a sweet, cute, like-minded company!! Isn’t it.. As is a line of a popular

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Celebrating World Wildlife Day – A joyful photo journey!

Its World Wildlife Day today. UN has been celebrating this day since last year. This year theme for the World Wildlife Day is “The Future of wildlife is in our

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