Month: May 2016

Weighty traditions – Golden views!Weighty traditions – Golden views!

It is said that ornaments worn by women in Uttarakhand have much resemblance to states like Rajasthan. But, as is the practice these days everywhere else, in Uttarakhand too women wear jewellery mostly on functions, marriages and religious occasions & festivals. Traditional jewellery of Uttarakhand are very intricately designed. There are two major parts of […]



ASUS goes MAX with its new ZenfoneASUS goes MAX with its new Zenfone

There seems to be shift in war to capture mid-range smartphone market. With improved technology, focus suddenly seems to have shifted on battery performance. Hence, the day GIONEE advertised its new M5 plus with 5020 mAh battery power, ASUS also launched the advanced version of one of its latest smartphone – Zenfone Max. Known for its 5000 mAh […]


Getting tipsy in Belgium!Getting tipsy in Belgium!

Disclaimer: Well, I know it is World Whisky Day! But this post is not to commemorate that, rest assured. It was long due. I am not a teetotaller but not a tippler even. My research about Belgium indeed told me that Belgian chocolates are the best, but I came to know about Beers and Wines […]