Magical sunset at Prambanan Temple

From Goa to Bali, no two sunsets are ever same- not even two sunsets at same place for two days, more so not even a sunset at same place on same day remains same even a moment later. Many a times you don’t feel contented even after a beautiful sunset, you crave for more… even more. That’s how I feel after every sunset. So here is a sunset at historical Prambanan temple in central Java in Indonesia. This is close to city of Yogyakarta. Well, will talk later about temples of Prambanan separately, which is largest hindu temple in Indonesia. Here, its only about this magical sunset-

This particular sunset was taken from the main temple of the complex in the centre, which is a Shiva temple. We were fortunately late to reach Prambanan, hence I was able to get this sunset view from best of places. It was also the first among two glorious sunset views that I was able to capture in Indonesia during eight days. Second one? Later… Till than, let’s enjoy some closer views of this sunset-


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