Sea on fire : Sunset at Bali beach

In an earlier post I had showcased some Sunset silhouettes from the Kuta beach in Bali. But I haven’t included the actual sunset photos in the post and saved them for later. Here they come, few of the selected ones.

Bali Sunset1

Well, sunsets are never enough. For me, going to a beach destination essentially means to watch the sunset. But then so has for any other destination as well. Sunrises and sunsets always catch your imagination.

Bali sunset2

As I said in the earlier post, sunset at the Kuta beach in Bali was the only second sunset of the whole trip that I was able to capture. First, one being the sunset at Prambanan Temple near Yogyakarta. Although we landed in Bali in the late morning  but it was only in the evening when we managed to check in our hotel close to Kuta Beach. Having left with very little time before the sunset, I had no other choice then to leave everybody else behind and rush to the beach with my cameras. I am glad, I did so.

Bali sunset3

I was on beach minutes before the sunset and I managed to capture some satisfactory images. You can see some interplay of colours during the moment in these photos-

What attracts you more at sunset time on a sea beach is the sudden surge in the waves. The sun and the sea look like proving their might by trying to outdo each other. See for yourself in these images-

And then sun goes down and things suddenly start to calm a bit-

Bali sunset18

On the other side, a plane gets ready to land at the Denpasar airport in Bali-

Bali sunset19

For me and many others, it was time to be back-

Bali sunset20


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