Volcanic Lives : will & passion through camera!

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Indonesia is a land of volcanos. Its has highest number of volcanos in any country in the world. Out of them more than 125 are active volcanos. Indonesia has suffered most due to volcanic eruptions than any other place in the world. But it seems volcanos are part of their lives. That is why active volcanos are also a place for tourist attraction here.


This is the Ratu crater of active volcano at Tangkuban Parahu near Bandung in West Java province of Indonesia. This volcano had last eruption in 1983. Tangkuban Parahu is a natural Park located at the altitude of 2084 metres. There are three main craters here- Ratu, Upas and Domas. Ratu is the main crater, visited most and has the most developed infrastructure around. There are a couple of adjacent craters. There also some hot springs in the natural park. Few of them have so much hot water that people cook meal on them. (We do so in our hot springs, in Manikarn near Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.) Few others have moderate temperature and people put their feet in the (sulphur rich) water to get themselves cure of skin diseases and bone ailments.

Daily hundreds of tourists visit this place. It is located around 20 kms from Bandung city. It is also a popular weekend or picnic spot for the locals and even people from capital Jakarta.

Although a fear of eruption always looms large, but people are better prepared with better warning systems aided by developed technology. Hence, instead of fear writ large on faces, people have smile and enthusiasm to take their life forward even in this tough conditions-

A smile so infectious!

A smile so infectious!

There are number of shops around the crater to sell souvenirs to the tourists. There are many food stalls as well.

Indonesia has volcanos in almost all its big provinces. Wherever you go, you can see the shadow of a big volcano looming. But they don’t look dreaded, although many of them might erupt anytime, as did Mount Sinabung on Sumatra island just last month, days after we were back from Indonesia. But still spirit of the Indonesians remains the same.

You can see a video of this volcano on my channel on youtube @everybodysaysiamfine-


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      Thanks for such nice words. Actually that particular pic is also my top favourite from the whole trip.

  3. these images are great…and described very well about it..

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