From the Bali album : Royal attires for pre-wedding shoot!

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There were many revelations for us in Bali – an island of Hindu culture in Islamic Indonesia. And many of them came to us in the Bali Art Centre. I will be talking about the Bali Art Centre in a later post, but this is about something we witnessed there. Pre-wedding photo-shoots are not uncommon world over. Even Bali is famous globally as a wedding and honeymoon destination. But here I am talking about pre-wedding photo-shoots of local Hindu Balinese couples. Its grown into a tradition now and is extremely popular.

Bali pre-wedding1

Its quite unlike hindu traditions in India where to be bride and groom are not supposed to meet openly before the marriage and a planned, open and detailed photo-shoot is out of question. But here, to be couples get the photo-shoot at all type of exotic, traditional, historical or natural locations and in all types of costumes from modern to casual and traditional. Actually, even muslims in other parts of Indonesia follow this tradition.

So, we got to see a few such pre-wedding photo-shoots at Bali Art Centre. And, the place being one of the most important place in Bali for traditional culture, has many artistic backdrops which are popular among the wedding planners for such photo-shoots. So goes the costume to match the backdrops. Hence, all the couples you will see here are in traditional Balinese dresses. The first couple that we encountered at the stage of the open-air theatre of the centre was perhaps the most beautiful of all of them. You can see for yourself (click on a image to see it in bigger size and enjoy its beauty)-

Look gorgeous. Don’t they! Most interesting part was that, these couples had absolutely no objection on likes of us clicking their photographs. It is said that Balinese weddings have a romance, mysticism and a unique culture. Though it has its roots in the hindu traditions, but Bali has developed a culture altogether different from what is practiced in hindu cultures of India. Its traditional, but it is no more rigid. Like hinduism in India, Bali too followed a caste system, but with changing times, it it growing weaker.

Here is another bride-to be waiting for her partner to get ready.

Bali pre-wedding12

Where is my prince!

These photos from the pre-wedding shoot are also used in wedding invitations of the couple, besides going to their wedding albums.

We don’t have such elaborate pre-wedding shoots in our part of world, atleast I can’t recall anything like this

It was indeed, one of the highlights of the trip for us. One of our best chances to understand the Balinese culture.


  1. Rajiv Verma says:

    Fantastic !!

    About the pre-wedding shoots; we for sure don’t have such elaborate ones but I have noticed that the trend is catchin-up 😉


    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thanks Rajiv, Indeed the trend is developing

  2. Wonderful pictures sir.. I am amazed at the colors and the traditions captured by you. A very different side of Bali that nobody shows…. thanks

    1. swamiupendra says:

      Thank a lot Prasad ji. Appreciation from a senior like you means a lot. Good light and cooperative couples helped me a lot.

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