Asus goes premium, in show and in phones as well!

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The launch of Asus Zenfone2 series was for mass and Zenfone3 series was launched for class. The difference was quite striking- in the phones of the new series as well as the launch event. Exactly an year ago launch event for the Zenfone2 series was in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and the event though hi-tech looked like a mass event. But Zenfone3 was launched in India on Wednesday in a Delhi 5* hotel for a select audience in a fashion show type atmosphere. There was a different feeling altogether for the event, and that applied to the new series as well. (See at the bottom a exclusive video of the event.) 

Huge anticipation!

Huge anticipation!

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen was there to announce the launch and marking the availability of the latest ZenFone 3 range of smartphones during the Zenvolution event, making India one of the first countries to have access to the stunning new line-up of smartphones.

Well, here I am not reviewing the phones or the other gadgets, but talking just about the show. Regional head for India & South Asia Peter Chang introduced the phones and the laptops. Besides the Zenfone3 series smartphones, launch was also for ASUS ZenBook 3 and ASUS Transformer 3 Pro PC.

Zenfone3 series smartphones are in four models- the basic Zenfone3 has two high-end versions- Zenfone3 Ultra and Zenfone3 Deluxe. There is also a low end version- Zenfone3 Laser.

Next were ASUS ZenBook 3, an ultra-sleek and lightweight notebook with a premium aluminum design, and ASUS Transformer 3 Pro,  which company claims to be the world’s most versatile PC.

What was similar from the last launch of Zenfone2 with this one was the fact that ASUS felt its competition with Apple both the times. While earlier it tried to compare its phones with Apple in terms of features, while this time it tried to match Apple’s premium feel as well. Hence were the prices which had a touch of luxury segment. Perhaps ASUS has realised that the way to consumers heart is not just by the features, but through the luxury feel as well.

The products were showcased in a fashion show produced by designer-duo Shivan & Narresh. Well, it looked impressive- Look for yourself-

And then, there was the show-stopper- leading lady of silver screen – Sonakshi Sinha. Another thing that haven’t changed from the last time was the brand ambassador. Sonakshi continues to be there promoting ASUS phones diligently. She was stunning in her dress and was all smiles. Look for yourself-

A great show put together by ASUS. But, wait for the reviews and then it will be left to see whether it has guts to steal the hearts of the Indian consumers.

See the video to have a feel of the electrifying launch-


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