Amazing Ramayana Ballet of Java

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These are days of Ramlila around the country and perfect time to see Ramayana as performed in different parts of world. Prominent among them is Indonesia. The islands of Java, Bali and Sumatra still have the historical hindu influence and they still follow the hindu culture and traditions. Java is also famous for its theatrical rendering of Hindu epic Ramayana. Although the story is more or less the same, but the presentation in traditional Java style is very fascinating. It is one of the high points for tourists visiting Java, specially Yogyakarta.

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Ramayana Ballet is performed at Purawisata, located just one kilometre from Jalan Malioboro at Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Purawisata is a place where legendary Ramayana Ballets are performed. This particular Purawisata is very close to Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta) Palace.

Ramayana Ballet2Purawisata is one of the top tourist attractions in Java. It is said that this place holds the record for a show performed every night without even a day off for more than 40 years now. Whatever the weather be and whatever the number of visitors be, the show has always gone uninterrupted. It has marvellous performance of traditional dance and culture. Its the same story that has been carved out on reliefs of Prambanan temple (You read my post on Prambanan Temple here).

The story taken from the epic written by Valmiki has been recreated into an enchanting performance with mixed variety of elements from the art, dance, music, drama, lyrics, song, make-up, special costumes, stage and lighting.

In the performance, whole narrative of the Valmiki’s epic has been summarised into an hour-long performance divided into several acts. Interestingly, entire story is presented through body movements and dances. There are no dialogues. There is background music of Java gending to sync with the dance poses. Singers also hum Javanese songs in the background. There is slight difference in the names of the characters, as we pronounce here in India.

The three main characters-

See some beautiful scenes from the performance-

There is also a Gazebo Garden Restaurant in the premises of the Purawisata. Just before the start of the show, one can enjoy an exotic authentic Indonesian dinner here. The restaurant has a marvellous atmosphere.  It also has a outdoor terrace. Often tickets for the ballet are available in package with the dinner at the Gazebo. It makes a perfect evening for the tourists coming to Yogyakarta. Amphi theatre is located right next to the restaurant.

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Want to watch the full show of Ramayana Ballet as performed at Purawisata at Yogyakarta in Java, Indonesia! See the film on my YouTube channel-


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