A HEXAbulous attitude!

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Tata Hexa1Well, it feels very awkward to review a product of group going through upheaval. Even Tata Motors’ stock took a beating in last two days, although it wasn’t that sharp today as it was yesterday. Many things are being said and a lot among that might not be favourable for Tata motors in current scenario.

Rough roads for TATA Motors!

Tata Hexa8But our Hexa has a ‘rough road mode’ to steer one out of all types of pits & trenches in the way. So, will Hexa be a winner for TATA Motors? Well, that will be known only in coming months. But as far as reviews are concerned, Hexa is certainly capable of keeping the mood upbeat in the TATA camp.

It was a big testing last week for Hexa in Hyderabad. From media to bloggers to dealers- everybody had chance to feel this latest arrival in the TATA motors stable. Hexa was well anticipated. It was there in Geneva Motor Show last year as a concept and in the our Auto Expo early this years the product. Hence the interest already generated, the real reviewers (even unreal like me) were eagerly waiting to be on the driver’s seat. That happened finally this October. For me, personally it was the second straight year of reviewing a new Tata car- I can say it two in two courtesy Tata Motors and Indiblogger. First Tiago (Zica at the time of test drive) and now Hexa. But both belong to quite different segments. During Tiago’s launch Tata motors was beaming with recently happened brand promotion deal with none other than Lionel Messi. Hence the whole atmosphere reeled around that. May be Tata needed that energy to enter a tough segment of mid-level hatchbacks. Hexa is quite different. But it is still a first for Tata.

Tata Hexa2Tata Motors has seen it all- best and worst of the market. They had a couple of disasters and a few hits as well. Main thing about Tata is that they never loose heart or drop their shoulders. They had always tried to expand their brand value, either through wide range of products or even acquisitions of other brands like JLR.

Tata Hexa3Hexa is the most premium car till date by Tata motors. And seriously, Tata has left no stone unturned in making this car to actually look like a superbly premium car good enough to attract the premium car buyers. Simply saying- it has got the looks, it has got the attitude and it has certainly got the features. Actually, Tata had that challenge to beat the historical assumption of the market that its cars might have the looks but they miss on finesse of premium cars. Hexa is out there to kill this theory and it might well succeed in this.

Tata Hexa4Hexa has that rich feel- inside and outside. It is feature loaded as Tata itself brands it. And it has lot to do with the various international collaborations that Tata has been doing off-late for its vehicles. Even the car designs are said to be the joint efforts of its all three international teams. We did see much of it in Tiago and trend has continued to Hexa in a lot improved manner. 10 speaker JBL System uses unique technology from Harman and believe me, the music inside the car is something to cherish for. For techno savvy premium users it also has a host of applications for various controls through its ConnetNext App suite. Hexa allows seamless integration of its apps with smartphones.

Tata Hexa5There is a lot more like touch screen infotainment, cruise control, leather seats, eight colour ambient mood lighting, 8-way adjustable driver’s seat, rear sun blinds, reverse parking camera. A lot of these features need more detailed assessment for the readers as how a beast with a 200mm clearance and 19 inch alloy wheels can be a perfect off-road travel partner and similar other things. There are many features which one might not find in other vehicles of this class or even class above.

Tata Hexa6Its about the basic things as of now- Hexa comes with a 2.2L Varicor400 diesel engine. This car comes with variants of 6 speed manual and automattic transmissions. For a person like me, who had rarely driven a automatic variant before, driving in the auto transmission variant was a lovely experience. It also come with super-drive modes- auto, comfort, dynamic and rough road— time to wear your attitude, it seems! A car in the premium segment has to be safe and Hexa comes with a lot in this too, such as  six airbags, ABS+EBD+ESP and Hill hold, hill descent & traction control.

Tata Hexa7Although this fact goes with every vehicle but Tata Hexa can be really used to suit your personality, whatever you are or whatever you wish to become on your drive. But Tata Hexa has as much comfort for the passenger, as it has the thrill for the driver. This wide and long car has six and seven seat variants. Boot space is not big enough but then foldable seats in the third and second rows and even the seat next to driver gives quite a handful options to adjust bigger things. We had two colours for test drives- dark blue and silver grey. There might be more colours later.

As it always happens, we tend to explore similarities and comparisons. In SUV/MUV segment we have seen many entrants off late and therefore Hexa draws a lot of thought in mind of reviewers. From calling it as an advance version of Tata Aria to compare it with Innova Crysta or XUV500 or Endeavour, many verdicts are out. But Tata itself has not placed it in any bracket so far as the prices have not been revealed. Bookings start from November this year (not too far) and first deliveries are scheduled in mid-January. Till then, we have some time to ride on our fabulous experiences. Catch you up with more very soon.

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